The anti-gravity base is a Decepticon facility in the Generation One continuity family.

The anti-gravity base is a small but very advanced research facility located about 100 miles southeast of the Ark's location. Easily spotted from the air, the anti-gravity base's secrecy depends on its remoteness.

The base's small size renders it extremely easy to defend. In addition to its Decepticon defenders, the base is protected by an extremely powerful force field and roaming Decepticon drone, programmed to destroy anyone not possessing the proper passcodes. It was deliberately situated to place a nearby human town on the route to the base, where approaching Autobots could be ambushed.

The facility's purpose was to develop the anti-gravity gun, a Decepticon weapon which had once been experimented with on Cybertron. When completed, the weapon would be placed a few hundred yards outside the base's entrance, just inside the force barrier. The barrier would not prevent the weapon from firing out.

For all its manifold virtues, the anti-gravity base was meant to be a research facility built around Hook's engineering lab, not a military base. It was mostly constructed out of rock and rammed-earth found nearby, and as a result it lacks the durability of other Decepticon-built structures. Its storage facilities were not meant to hold prisoners, and the locks are readily disabled from the inside.


Find Your Fate Junior

Once the anti-gravity gun was online, Megatron had Dirge attract the Autobots' attention. If an Autobot scout was captured, Megatron planned to have Hook build an exact replica with a bomb inside to send back to Optimus Prime.

Megatron turned the weapon on the town, hoping to cause the Autobots to stop and help the humans as the anti-gravity gun's effects increased. Desert Flight

The anti-gravity base was either destroyed by the weapon on overload, or swallowed by the earth when the weapon was put into reverse.

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