Optimus and Dreadwing in arctic cold


The Apex Armor ended up frozen in the Antarctic and was discovered by humans who took it back to their base. Optimus, Dreadwing and Starscream all came looking for it. Optimus had Agent Fowler evacuate the base, and in the ensuing battle, much of it was damaged. 
Minus One

Minus One

The Decepticons raided the Solaris particle collider in Antarctica, and when the Autobots turned up, they were met by Predaking and a squad of Vehicons.

Optimus vs king 2


Optimus was still fighting Predaking, while the Autobots fight the Decepticons. Eventually, Predaking escaped with Shockwave and the device in hand while the Autobots stand in the cold. They found out that Ratchet was captured by the Decepticons.

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