Antarctica is the massive, ice-covered continent at the southern pole of planet Earth. Several battles in the various Transformer wars have taken place here.

Marvel Comics continuity

A region of Antarctica has been maintained by unspecified means with a tropical climate and many life forms from the Mezozoic Era, including dinosaurs. It was in this region, known as the Savage Land, that the Dinobots fought with Shockwave and became trapped in a tar pit.

Young Corgi

BBTI By the year 2000, the Antarctic had been opened up to oil drilling by the Federation of Western Europe. The discovery at Erebus Fields not of oil, but of a hostile alien civilization was a double-downer for new-age tree-hugging hippie peacenicks everywhere.

Erebus fiends and Fossil Bluff Station (the FWE's research base) are both located about a thousand miles north of the pole.

Unicron Trilogy continuity

In the Transformers video game, Antarctica is the second Decepticon staging ground. The Autobot strike force encounter an abandoned human encampment and a large icebreaker ship. This is also the site of the first of two battles with Starscream.

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