The mysterious future-Predacon Antagony is the Herald Maximo of the fearsome Predacon warlord Shokaract, second only to Shokaract himself. She is utterly ruthless and without a shred of pity or mercy, and harbors a secret death-feud against the upstart Predacon Cataclysm who threatens her position. Though utterly loyal to Shokaract, she will do anything short of open revolt to make sure she remains the Herald Maximo. Antagony's armor makes her virtually invulnerable to pain and it has been speculated that she enjoys inflicting it so much just so she can attempt to understand the utterly alien sensation.


Beast Wars: Visitations script reading

Voice actress: Susan Blu

Antagony megatron

Antagony didn't last too long.

The time-traveling Antagony described herself as Megatron's doom, his destruction, and his worst enemy. Megatron naturally assumed this meant she was Raksha. Antagony corrected this misunderstanding.

IDW comic continuity

Antagony is not an agent of Shokaract from the future as she believes at all, but in reality is an experimental creation of the Vok sent through various realities by those enigmatic aliens to cause trouble and test the limits of the Cybertronian organism. Beast Wars Sourcebook 1

Antagony joins other minions of Shokaract (um, but the Sourcebook says...) in enabling his assault on Cybertron, distributing Angolmois energy. She and the other heralds are then defeated by Ravage. The Ascending issue 4


Beast Wars

  • Antagony (Mega, 1998)
Antagony is a black and lavender recolor of the Predacon ant Inferno, one of two exclusive toys from the BotCon 1998 convention in Anaheim, California. Her beast-mode mandibles conceal a missile launcher weapon, plus her abdomen splits open to form spinning blades surrounding a quad-jet thruster. Only 600 pieces were made.

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