PhantomOfTheSea Ansel Ambrose

Ansel Ambrose is the bold captain of the cruise ship S.S. Phantom Voyager.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Phantom of the Sea"

Ambrose was on his way to Griffin Rock where he was to wed Lillian, when the Phantom was struck by lightning. Ambrose evacuated the passengers and crew before waiting for the towing barges that would take the ship to port, unaware that the lightning had caused the ship to become unstuck in time. As the ship skipped forward tens years at a time, Ambrose would periodically see Griffin Rock through the fog until a hundred years later, the ship was boarded by strange metal men. Believing them to be hostile, Ambrose trapped the metal men in the hold and confronted their human companions, members of the Burns family, who explained to him his journey into the future. As the ship once again appeared in reality, Ambrose joined in the rescue of ferry passengers and accepted that time had passed since the Phantom was stalled. Fortunately the rescue team were able to identify the time machine and stabilize it with energon, and Ambrose successfully returned to 1915, where he wed Lillian.


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