Bro, seen my cannon?

Anomaly by name and nature, the young and feisty Autobot is a strange mix of both scientist and soldier.


Transformers: Universe online game

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Technical characteristics

Ratchet will go mad with envy, MY ALTERNATE MODE JUST SUPER, BRO!

A rare combination of scholar and soldier, Anomaly uses against their enemies poisons. The Autobot can just as easily to damage enemies with which he repairs the allies.

In robot mode Anomaly armed lambda insulinum Blaster, positron shotgun and atomic hatchet, in vehicle mode technical assistance equipped with a grenade launcher. The Autobot constantly emits radiation, damaging nearby enemies proportion incurred by him damage.


This young and sociable Autobot wait to fight alone to crush the army of the Decepticons.


  • Exclusive for a set "Founders Pack".
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