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The error you've seen over 33 times.

Animation errors are phenomena in cartoons, which means some scenes are weird, inconsistent, or even illogical. Sometimes these represented multiples of otherwise unique characters, characters appearing in inappropriate scenes (even after their original deaths in some cases), inexplicable deviations from character models, and odd size variations. They were most rampant in the original Generation One cartoon, due to the low animation budget. However, the cartoon was not alone in this respect considering the production values of most other cartoons in the 1980s.

Types of animation errors

Animation and technical glitches


FFOD4 mass mistakes

Best example, ever.
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4

Perhaps the most common error is when a character is colored incorrectly. Sometimes they are colored like other characters mistakenly; other times the coloring is totally off, like Optimus Prime painted white (and not as Ultra Magnus). Discoloring should not be confused with palette swaps, which are for the most part intentional.

Sizing errors

Layer issues

These amusing cases involve the various animation cels for individual characters being stacked wrong, leading to characters who should be in the back in group shots appearing in the front. Since they were supposed to be in the background, of course, they were drawn as being smaller, hence when they inadvertently get moved up front, they're hilariously dinky. Layer issues should not be confused with the size changing.

Continuity errors

For further information, see: Continuity error

Notable examples

Generation One

Optimus prime nomouthplate

The Epic "Missing Piece Optimus Prime" (Not Masterpiece)
The Search for Alpha Trion

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Beast Wars

Transformers Animated

Animation errors in remastered versions

Some animation errors could happen after remastering, such as those in the episode "Fire on the Mountain".

Notable episodes

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