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Angry Birds Transformers is a video game, developed by Rovio Mobile. It was released late 2014.


Piggy Island is transformed when it is hit by the EggSpark. Transforming local pigs into evil robots, forcing the Autobirds and Deceptihogs to unite.



  • Red as Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, Nemesis Prime, Energon Optimus Prime, Ultimate Optimus Prime and Epic Optimus Prime
  • Terence Heatwave, Sentinel Prime, Ratchet and Hound
  • Chuck as Bumblebee, Rodimus Prime and High Octane Bumblebee
  • Hal as Grey Slam Grimlock and Goldbite Grimlock
  • Bubbles as Jazz, Ricochet, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Red Alert and Blaster
  • Stella as Arcee, Airachnid and Chromia
  • The Blues as Bluestreak, Prowl and Smokescreen
  • Bomb as Continental Drift and Wheeljack
  • Silver as Windblade, Energon Windblade and Elita One


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