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Angela is a pink Sparkbot and servant of Unicron in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Angela, meet Rachel. Rachel, Angela.

Angela is one of the three Sparkbots, secret agents of Unicron, though she professes to work for Primus. She can fly, communicate telepathically and transport others through time when activated by a kiss. She has "linked" herself to Marissa Faireborn, and uses her Kiss-Player abilities to pull spark fragments from robots across the dimensions.

Angela transforms from a pink flying glowing sphere into a pink flying robotic lion. She is pink. PINK!!!


Kiss Players Position

In the year 2006 or 2007, Angela, Star Dust and Zangetsu suddenly appeared in the sky above the "Kiss Players" singing group at the Brave Maximus Fortress concert of their world tour. The Sparkbots introduced themselves to the performers telepathically and insisted that the three humans in the group kiss them.

When Atari Hitotonari, Shao-Shao Li and Marissa Faireborn complied, the entire fortress was engulfed by a bright light and transported back to the Sherman Dam in the year 1985 to witness the battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Marissa kissed Angela, who transformed into her lion mode. The two flew to Prime, who was unable to see the time travelers. Angela directed Marissa to kiss the Autobot commander, gaining them a fragment of the Allspark.

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Kiss Players

  • Kiss Players Sparkbot x3 (Multi-pack, 2007)

Gender ambiguity and Kiss Play is NOT a great combination

Available only in the Sparkbot three-pack with her teammates Star Dust and Zangetsu, Angela is a shock-pink redeco of the Eggleo/Dark Eggleo mold, transforming from a sphere into a robotic lion. She has a keychain attached to her spine.
The Sparkbots set was only available at the Japanese "Toy Festival 2007" in March, and is --as far as anyone knows-- the final release in the Kiss Players toy line. The set also came with a new CD.


  • Angela's name, pink color scheme and individual symbol were created by Lyrian, who also portrays her voice in the "Kiss Players" radio drama series.
  • Lyrian also designed/named Rosanna, if you couldn't guess by the naming convention. Lyrian grew up in Italy, and apparently has a thing for using Italian names, regardless of whether or not they sound Transformery.
  • Despite having a mane in lion mode, Angela is presumably female.
  • God dammit, Lyrian.
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