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The greatest son of Iacon steps forth from the ashes of war.

Published in: Transformers Annual 1986
Preceded by: Missing in Action
Followed by: Hunted!

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: John Stokes
Lettering: Starkings
Colours: Gina Hart
Editor: Sheila Cranna

  • Originally published: December 1985


Roget's Rules of Warfare

Five million years ago, the Decepticons are attacking the domed city of Iacon, Cybertron's capital city-state. Inside the celestial temple, progressive council member Emirate Xaaron finally manages to convince his fellow councillors to cede leadership to a battlefield commander, instead of trying to run the war while hidden away in their protective bunkers. He entreats High Councillor Traachon to give the burden of responsibility to (dramatic pause)...Optimus Prime.

On the battle grounds, Optimus is coordinating several strike squads at once, while waiting for word of his couriers, Bluestreak and Fusion.

On their way back to Prime with a cache of shatter bombs, Bluestreak is carrying the precious cargo while Fusion runs interference for him. The Decepticons attempt to blow out the bridge they're driving on. Bluestreak makes the jump with inches to spare, but Fusion is not so lucky and is destroyed by Decepticon laser fire.

At Optimus Prime's command post, he receives the good news from Xaaron that command of the armed forces is now totally under his control. This means Optimus can go ahead with the plan he was planning to put forth anyway, even without council approval. (How can you not love this guy?)

As Megatron personally leads his troops in advancing on the Autobots of Iacon, Optimus places himself in Megatron's path. As the battle commences on the last bridge to Iacon, Gears is placing the shatter bombs on the support posts beneath the bridge at Prime's command. At Gears' signal, Optimus actively keeps Megatron occupied on the bridge while his fellow Autobots flee the imminent blast zone. When all the Autobots except Prime are safely away, Gears activates the shatter bombs and destroys the bridge.

Thanks to a pre-arranged escape plan, Optimus Prime is magnetically drawn to safety by Windcharger's power, while Megatron and the Decepticons are smashed under the falling debris of the bridge's collapse. Thus Iacon is saved and Megatron is dealt a crushing defeat in only a few cycles after Optimus Prime is named to command.

'Til all are one!

Note: Chronologically, the events of this issue occur during the early events of The Transformers (comic issue).


  • Big Red is erroneously given the same golden chest Megatron got in these early UK stories.
  • Ironhide is colored shades of blue and white.
  • It looks like Mirage, but it sounds like Soundwave. Weeeeird.
  • Though Optimus Prime introducing himself to Megatron isn't an error at the moment, it would later be retconned by State Games and several other sources that the two knew each other in the gladiatorial games before the war.

Items of note

Atscal traachon.jpg

  • This issue is prefaced with the title "Tales of Cybertron".
  • Emirate Xaaron and his fellow council members make their first appearances.
  • Optimus Prime is officially named leader of the Autobots.
  • Hound, Pulsar, Tempest, and Ratchet are mentioned as being off-panel.