The Ancient Decepticons are a group of Decepticons from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Ancient spirits of evil? Not so much.

The Ancient Decepticons are a group of Transformers who disguised themselves as monsters in the Earth's past.

Japanese name: Earth Destron


Cybertron cartoon

The Transformers who would become the Ancient Decepticons, including Thunderblast and Lugnutz, came to Earth during the space bridge project hundreds of years ago. Stranded on Earth, they took the form of monsters that inspired legends of fantastic creatures in humans (they apparently had the ability to project an image around themselves that made them appear as fantastic beasts rather than giant robots, although that image could have been Bud's admittedly overactive imagination). Presumably, these Transformers are the same who inhabited the starship Atlantis and left artifacts discovered by Dr. Lucy Suzuki.

These Decepticons were opposed by Evac and Crosswise, who over the course of many years imprisoned them in stasis pods, which they stored in an underground chamber in the far North.

Hundreds of years later, Starscream would discover this chamber, and destroyed the sealing device keeping them in stasis. Starscream adopted these Transformers as his personal army, and used them to both oppose the Autobots and attempt to track down Earth's Cyber Planet Key. However, they were quickly defeated and re-sealed.

Later, Evac would free the Ancient Decepticons, whom he convinced to help him battle Galvatron. This apparently earned them their freedom, as they were later seen joining the new space bridge project.


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