Amalgamous Prime is one of the Thirteen and a Shifter. It is said that he founded the Shifters who took after his fluid and his malleable nature.


He was among the Thirteen created by Primus to battle and defeat Unicron and witnessed the activation of the Well of Allsparks. He wielded the Phase Shifter during the battle with Unicron.

The Covenant of Primus

Amalgamous was the prankster of the pack, though never cruelly so. His gentle fun-poking was great light relief even as it pushed at the comfort zones of the others - the more serious sometimes taking it very badly. His artifact was a Scythe, although you would hardly know it as, like the rest of his body, it was in constant flux, transforming from one shape to another, one state to another, liquid to solid and back again. Bright and cheeky, Amalgamous was never still and, given half a chance, would be into anything to figure out how it worked, what it would do.

He lacked seriousness and focus of a true fighter, although his unpredictability was an asset sometimes. He was not the most forward-thinking or bright of the sparks among the Primes, but he was gentle at heart. The archetypal shifter, he never lingered where he wasn't welcome but simply moved on, not taking anything personally, not holding grudges or remembering deeds. His memory slipped as easily as his shape, although it had an odd way of suddenly sharpening when something important happened.

His artifact was the Transformation Cog, from which all later T-Cogs would be modeled.



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