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   Appears: Many continuities beginning in 2002
Altihex is a location on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family.
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Altihex is an orbital torus state that fell to the Decepticon incursion early in the Great War, during Sentinel Prime's tenure as leader of the planet's military forces. It borders Iacon, Kalis, the Neutral Territories, the Rust Sea, the Tagan Heights and Uraya.

It tends to blow up. A lot. Bad things happen in Altihex


Dreamwave comics continuity

Overhaul did meet his maker when the Autobots attempted to evacuate Altihex under increasingly heavy fire from the Decepticon Seekers Thundercracker and Skywarp. A building full of hold-out Neutrals attempted to declare their non-involvement in the war and were used as target practice. The War Within issue 1

Unicron Trilogy

Armorhide was a stand-up comedian who performed at the great hall in Altihex. A Decepticon raid destroyed his city while he was on tour, and he joined the Autobots to exact revenge.[1]

Marvel Comics continuity


The Mini-Con leader Modus Prime and the technical specialists Yardarm, Road Hazard, Flatbed and Steel-Belt were attacked and killed at the Altihex energon refinery. The New World

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  • In the Transformers Risk game (set in the Movie continuity family), Altihex neighbors Kaon and Kolkular and leads from them to Praxus then Polyhex. This should probably not be taken too seriously, but it is deep in Decepticon-held territory.


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