Alphastrike is female Decepticon.


Transformers Cyberverse Cartoon

Voice actor Jaime Lamchick

Alphastrike appears as soon Megatron the big plan to destroy the Autobots. Later she appears together of Megatron attacked Optimus Prime, also appears and she attacked Arcee and Grimlock but failed. Battle For Cybertron II

Alphastrike was with she Skywarp and teased her and Skywarp she attack him. The Dead End

Alphastrike appears when he was released. The Scientist

Also she appears together Grimlock to going the training. The Alliance

Later she appears the battle of Quintessons as soon Prosecutors attacked. The Judge (episode)

Alphastrike she appears as soon attack Starscream. The End Of The Universe I

Also Alphastrike attacked Bumblebee and Whirl together of the Megatron, Decepticon Soldiers, Skywarp, Dirge, Ramjet and Shadowstriker why they went to the rescue Windblade but Optimus Prime and the Autobots he appears and he said Megatron to let them go. Enemy Line

Alphastrike she appears when appears Perfect Decepticons. Silent Strike

Finally Alphastrike she attacked Megatron X why he kill him Megatron but failed. The Other One



Alphastrike is a Strika of the Transformers Animated.

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