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Alpha Trion is an elderly Autobot who was the guardian of the legendary AllSpark. Though he isn't a member of the Cybertron Elite Guard, he is some sort of "Vice-Magnus".


Transformers Animated cartoon

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Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr (English), Kenta Miyake (Japanese)

A3: To learn the ways of the samarai magnus you must have a hat like mine.
Perceptor: What the hell are you talking about A3?!

Alpha Trion was present at a meeting in the base, where the presence of a possible traitor in the Autobot ranks was discussed, and plans made to investigate the recent Decepticon uprisings. He did not contribute anything to the discussion TransWarped

He told Sentinel Prime that he should be careful of what he says when trying to but in on the council's affairs. After Sentinel returned with the captured Decepticons, both Alpha Trion and Perceptor had high doubts about the Autobot future under Sentinel's command. He also gladly rode on Grandus in front of a large crowd, with Perceptor and the jerk. Decepticon Air


  • According to Derrick Wyatt, Alpha Trion is the Elite Guard representative for the various civilian guilds of Cybertron. Because, come on, they can't all be fighting...
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