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Alpha Trion is one of the Thirteen of Cybertron. He guarded many of the relics of Cybertron which where sealed in the vaults of Iacon and trained Smokescreen.


Exodus novelEdit

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Prime cartoonEdit


Alpha Trion originally worked in the Iacon Hall of Records, and acted as a mentor to Optimus Prime, then Orion Pax. Alpha, Omega While he worked at Iacon, he was placed under the protection of Elite Guard graduate Smokescreen. However, toward the end of the war the Decepticons raided Iacon, New Recruit forcing Alpha Trion to place the artifacts gathered into pods and launch them off. Having read from the Covenant of Primus he knew that Optimus Prime would play an important role in the war on the planet Earth, and sent the artifacts there in order to assist the Autobots, as well as recording a message to Optimus Prime in the Star Saber. Alpha, Omega However, not having enough time to place the fourth Omega Key in a pod, he instead knocked out Smokescreen and placed the key inside him. Inside Job His fate afterward remains unknown.

After obtaining the Star Saber, Optimus receives the message sent to him. He tells Optimus in the message that the four Omega Keys may be used to revive Cybertron Alpha, Omega, as well as the location of the Omega Lock to do so. Regeneration

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