The name or term Alpha Trion refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Alpha Trion (disambiguation).

Alpha Trion is an Autobot in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Alpha Trion hosts the Optimus Prime (continuity) family reunion.

Alpha Trion hangs out in the center of Cybertron with Vector Sigma. Some people call him Sig-Omega, but he's probably not aware of that.


Energon comic

Xaaron's probably in here, too, and he's probably called Vec-Alpha.

Optimus Prime, feeling a sense of coming dread, was sent by the Mini-Con Over-Run to one of countless uplink platforms. Here, Over-Run told him, was a direct point of access to Cybertron's planetwide internal mainframe, a mass intellect which can give him answers. Touching the platform, Prime was transported into the Hub, a digital world, where a bearded sage appeared. It was revealed to Prime that Unicron will return, the Terrorcons are gathering, and that his old foe Megatron still persisted within the heart of Unicron. And most importantly, Energon existed in vast quantities on Earth, and the Terrorcons would strike there soon! This Evil Reborn

Prime returned with this information to the Autobot High Council at the High Halls, telling him of the vision he received from this planetary intelligence named "Sig-Omega." High Councilor Leviticus rejected this news, for they had never heard of such an entity. What Lies Beneath, Part 1

Critically damaged during an attack by Unicron's Four Horsemen, Strongarm took Prime to another uplink platform, where he once again communed with the bearded sage. He granted Prime and various other fallen Autobots who surrounded him the Spark of Combination. With this upgrade, the Autobots were able to repel the invasion. What Lies Beneath, Part 2

Cybertron comic

While Vector Prime aided the Autobots in their search for the Cyber Planet Keys, he would also report their progress to Alpha Trion. During one such visit, after using the reality-warping properties of the Unicron Singularity to enlist Sentinel Maximus from another timeline, his chamber came under attack by Unicron's herald, Ramjet, and his partner, Nemesis Prime. While Vector Prime battled Ramjet, Sentinel Maximus failed to defend Alpha Trion, and Nemesis Prime threw Alpha Trion into Vector Sigma, severely damaging both. The damage was worsened when Ramjet unleashed an antimatter blast. Balancing Act

After Ramjet and Nemesis Prime's retreat, Alpha Trion was placed in a repair chamber. Balancing Act, Part 2 Unfortunately, limited resources were available to them while the Unicron Singularity's threatened their planet, so Alpha Trion was not completely restored until months after the search for the Cyber Planet Keys was over and Primus had vanquished the black hole forever. Alpha Trion met with the two Optimus Primes currently in his universe, Sentinel Maximus, and others, mourning the loss of Vector Prime and the enigmatic Skyfall during Alpha Trion's absence, but the sage announced that this day forward would be a new Cybertronian era thanks to their sacrifices. Revelations, Part 6

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