Alliance is the forty-ninth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on September 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Starscream's sacrifice spurs the Autobots and the Decepticons to join forces. However, Unicron awakens.


Demolishor is astonished to hear about the truce between the two armies and asks if Galvatron is functioning. Cyclonus is disgusted that they're doing this simply because the traitorous Starscream asked that they do it, then suggests that they simply use the idea of a truce to ambush the Autobots. At that point, Galvatron makes Cyclonus respect his authoritah. He is upset at how poorly things have turned out, but Starscream's sacrifice has convinced him: they're going to ally with the Autobots...for now. Afterwards, all bets are off. Inside of Unicron, Thrust and Sideways plan their inevitable victory and conquest of the universe. The power of the Star Saber allows Unicron to shed the remains of his moon-disguise shell. The dark god hovers over Cybertron, sucking up parts of the terrain. Both armies evacuate the surface, assisted by the Mini-Con swarm. In a ceremonial procedure, Galvatron and his men meet for a handshake to seal the truce. The leaders shake hands, and Perceptor also grabs on as his way of representing the allegiance of the Mini-Cons. Forming a single front, the armada heads towards Unicron. The first volley of fire does no damage against their enemy. Two larger ships perform reconnaissance and are blasted, so a team of Hot Shot, Side Swipe, Demolishor, and Cyclonus (and some others) are sent in, based on a vaguely familiar theory that smaller ships will elude Unicron's detection. On Unicron's surface, Cyclonus and the generics fly away to break stuff, and Demolishor leaves to avoid Hot Shot, leaving the two Autobots by themselves. Unicron's geography shifts and folds, disturbing his visitors and causing Demolishor to lose Blackout. From the base, Galvatron suggests another attack, which Optimus makes sure won't harm the recon crew, who have their hands full fighting against swarms of Dead End Drones. Demolishor saves Cyclonus from falling into a fissure, while the Autobots assist their begrudging allies. Demolishor saves Side Swipe from falling into another fissure, and Hot Shot thanks the Decepticon by re-uniting Demolishor with Blackout—a tender moment. Optimus and Galvatron arrive to bring the group home. From a distance, the armada witnesses Unicron complete his transformation into robot mode, ready to devour the planet.


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"Right now, all I can think about is the comrade we lost. Sure, he challenged my authority in a failed coup attempt, but even though Starscream was a traitor, he never lost sight of his oath to the Decepticons. He was a true soldier, unlike most of you!"

Galvatron defends Starscream's memory from the jibes of the other Decepticons.

Billy: I don't like this, Fred.
Fred: And I wish I went to the bathroom!
Rad: You know, guys, I'd never thought I'd see this happen. The two of them shaking hands, just standing here in front of the Decepticons. Watching this is like some kind of weird dream.
Carlos: Hey, are you all right, Alexis?
Alexis: Yeah, I was just thinking about Starscream. You know, he sure would have loved to see all this happen between them. After all, it was kind of his last request.
Rad: Well, I got a feeling he knows.

—The kids compare reactions on the Autobot/Decepticon truce.

Demolishor: I'm only doing this because I'm following Galvatron's orders.
Cyclonus: Ha! I can't believe I'm fighting for harmony! What a load of bunk! I'm a lean, mean, fighting machine! Hahahaha!
Side Swipe: I gotta work with this guy? I'm not so sure about this.

—The truce gets off to a shaky start.

"Tidal Wave..."
"Uh...nice meetin' ya."

Tidal Wave and Jetfire shaking hands.

"I can't believe I just saved Prime!"

—An incredulous Galvatron after he destroys a cannon targeted at Optimus Prime.


  • This is one of the most inconsistently animated episodes of the series. While the majority of the episode is of below-par in animation quality, several "showcase" sequences, such as Hot Shot helping Hoist board the Axalon, and Unicron's very detailed transformation sequence, are very well drawn and animated.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Several Mini-Cons are standing in the hangar bay of Megatron's flagship after the Decepticons run inside to escape from Unicron's gravitational pull, and they are the size of normal Transformers.
  • The Race Team Mini-Con Mirage appears among the Mini-Cons there, but he should be with Thrust inside Unicron by now, as the traitorous Decepticon had stolen the Skyboom Shield several episodes earlier.
  • Several of the Mini-Cons protecting the Axalon and the Autobot fleet during the lift-off from Cybertron use Generation One character models instead of Mini-Con character models.
  • When Jet Optimus attacks the Dead End drones surrounding Hot Shot and Demolishor's recon team, the laser blast comes from in front of the first drone destroyed, rather than behind (the direction from which Prime is coming).

Continuity errors

  • Cyclonus is in danger of falling into a hole, having apparently forgotten that he can fly, which he was doing moments before. It's possible that he's just that stupid, but not likely, unless Cyclonus may have damaged his wings while flying.

Transformers references

Miscellaneous trivia

Various cameos appear in the hand-shaking scene, including Soundwave and a palette-swapped Dead End of the Stunticons.

  • The generic Decepticons sent to Unicron to assist the named characters have Generation One character models in colors based on some of the Mini-Cons (such as Blitzwing in Sparkplug colors). They totally all died.
  • Also, in the scene with Cyclonus and Decepticons, one is Scrapper.
  • Assuming the episode was entirely in real-time, Unicron's transformation took close to seven minutes.
  • Yes, the combined army of Autobots, Decepticons, and Mini-Cons is what the "Armada" in the title of the series stands for.








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