Another round of Scorponok vs Highbrow.

Published in: Transformers Annual 1989
Followed by: Prime Bomb!

Script: Simon Furman
Art: Dan Reed
Letters: Tom Frame
Colour: Euan Peters


Highbrow has been led into the woods by humans, only to discover they were hypnotised by Mindwipe and Scorponok has laid a trap for him. Highbrow tries to fight back but Scorponok is too powerful. Highbrow stuns Scorponok byblowing up his gun, but comes under fire from the Horrorcons Apeface and Snapdragon and so takes off. In the woods Highbrow takes advantage of Apeface's poor flying to send him crashing into a tree, then flies high whilst Snapdragon transforms to beast mode and proceeds to tear up trees. However Highbrow suddenly comes face to face with the hypnotism of Mindwipe.

Mindwipe gives Highbrow a bad case of amnesia and Scorponok tears off Highbrow's Autobot symbol. When Highbrow recovers he cannot remember much so Scorponok and Mindwipe tell him that he is a Decepticon serving under Scorponok and fighting the evil Autobots. Highbrow is not quite sure if he should accept this or not, but without his memory he has no option but to trust Scorponok. To put him at ease Scorponok suggests that all three transform their heads into their Nebulan forms.

But Gort knows exactly who he is, and knocks out Vorath. Mindwipe forgot that Highbrow and Gort have two separate minds and neglected to brainwash both of them. Gort couldn't do much when merged with Highbrow but now his mind is clear. Unfortunately Zarak has recombined with Scorponok and Gort is left facing either death in his small form or amnesia if he recombines with Highbrow.

Gort transforms back and Highbrow admits he was confused. He turns to Scorponok and suddenly rips off his head. The sudden shock without the prerequisite mental commands causes both Scorponok and Zarak to black out. Highbrow/Gort explains that because Gort has ultimate control over their joint actions he was able to keep control of Highbrow - two heads are better than one. Highbrow heads for home.

Note: This story is continued in the mainline comic story Time Wars.


  • Scorponok's "third claw" appears variously on either arm and not at all.
  • Apeface is said to be put out of action, a point repeated in "Time Wars", but here he is only shown crashing into a branch.

Items of note

  • Highbrow and Gort were previously targeted by Scorponok in the earlier story "Worlds Apart!"


  • This issue was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Time Wars".
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