All Spark Day is a celebration held on Cybertron to celebrate Transformer life. To be properly celebrated, it requires music, an energon fountain, and the telling of stories. Events during the celebration include the Parade of Metals and Festival of Primes.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"All Spark Day"

Back on Cybertron, High Tide observed All Spark Day by trading stories with his fellows over a quart of visco in Maccadam's Old Oil House. Years later on Earth, he celebrated by doing cannonballs into the sea off an island. Boulder was also keen on celebrating the holiday, but when Heatwave was reluctant, Cody Burns organized the town into creating an Earth version of All Spark Day. Despite having to deal with a giant toddler, they managed to pull it off, though Heatwave had to substitute for the energon fountain.

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