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The Decepticons continue their swath of destruction in NY and the humans face new challenges.


Within days of the first attack New York is now completely under the control of the Decepticons. Human survivors huddle in subway stations, but Astrotrain is making his way through them killing all he finds. Outside the attack area Colonel Witwicky is told the attacks are spreading to other parts of the country. With the Navy also taken out he is already desperate when he learns that Air Force One has been shot down in Washington.This act was carried out by Starscream, who upon returning to the Decepticons base in the ruins of New York earns some rare praise from Megatron. Hook arrives and informs Megs that construction in the city has begun. However, Hook bitches complains that the city is 'a cluttered eyesore', and a ' hovel', and is unsure about building. When Megs tells him that NY is one of the human's greatest cities, 'their shining light', Hook declares it a vulgarity. Leaving, Screamer arrives, complaining that their victory feels 'scruffy'. The two gloat over the fact the defeat of the Autobot resistance was achieved by a traitor they hadn't expected. For maybe the first time, Megatron says that Starscream is almost perfect: he is powerful, ruthless, and ' the living emobodiment of the Decepticon cause'. Meanwhile, Hook begins planning the rebuilding of New York into a new base.

Out on patrol with Spectro, Spyglass and Viewfinder, Rumble destroys a yellow VW Beetle, declaring that he hates them, to which the Reflectors reply that its a pity the VW isn't the real thing. Behind them, some humans, carrying supplies, run out and back to their railway base. Andy and Bridge are also hiding with people in a subway, but Andy's air force training means they're much better supplied and defended than the others (illustrated by the supply-gathering). He talks with Bridge and reveals that he's looking out for his (dead) friend DJ's girl, and doesn't know of her fate. The two also speculate the origins of the 'Cons, with human-built robots and Martians as two possible origins. Then a trian is heard, and Andy runs aroiund like a headless chicken shouting 'code yellow' lots. The people don't listen, and flick him of. Then a purple train docks in the station - Astrotrain has arrived. Most of the refugees are able to flee, but Andy himself is held up getting others out, and is trapped inside, as Astrotrain looms over him. He seemingly falls to a killer blow from the Decepticon...

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Items of Note

Covers (3)

  • Cover A: Starscream and Megatron back to back; art by Guido Guidi, colors by Josh Burcham.
  • Cover B: Communist propaganda style of a Decepticon flag over a ruined Washington D.C. with Starscream above; art and colours by Trevor Hutchison.
  • Cover RI: Coloured sketch of Astrotrain; art and colours by Guido Guidi.


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