The Decepticons cause massive destruction and the army is unable to oppose them.


At a huge mansion, a man brags to Colonel Daniel Witwicky about the hybrid car he just purchased. Daniel retorts with his 1968, gas guzzling muscle car. Daniel's wife interrupts and worries that her husband is being looked down upon by the snobs at the party, but he tells her not to worry, that it's her day... When they are interrupted by a military helicopter landing. Daniel has been ordered by the President to deal with an emergency in New York City - It's being trashed by Decepticons!

Commander Andy Reid runs through the streets of New York and saves a woman named Sarah from being mowed down by Starscream. He tells her that he was shot down and is trying to escape from a large "mechanical dog". Unfortunately, Ravage catches up to them quickly, and Reid unloads his pistol into Ravage, which only seems to piss the latter off. Ravage is about to strike when he's blindsided by a Molotov cocktail thrown by a man named Bridge. He takes takes the two into a nearby garage and closes the door. Reid hates cats.

Meanwhile, Colonel Witwicky is en route to New York and arguing with Agent Grant of the FBI; it seems he doesn't take kindly to the agents' pleas that the information about the Transformers be withheld from his troops, even threatening to have the agent pistol whipped by his subordinate. After the team touches down in New York, he's informed that ground forces are preparing to engage the enemy in Central Park, and wants the other senior officers gathered immediately.


In Central Park Soundwave informs Megatron that large ground forces are gathering nearby. Astrotrain notes that they will not be able to interfere with the guidance systems on their weapons, and recommends sending in the Insecticons to clean up. Megatron disagrees, and orders Soundwave to deploy Frenzy. In the park, the gathered troops see Soundwave approaching with a small group of bots, and laugh that they have them well in hand. Hook seems to agree, not seeing how one little Decepticon can take on so many troops. Astrotrain and Skywarp quickly haze the rookie, telling him to just watch. No sooner is Frenzy release then the troops start to scream and convulse, the cassetticon emitting an intense infrasonic frequency which immobilizes the troops with terrible delusions. Only Soundwave is immune to the frequency, and watches quietly as Frenzy tears them all to pieces.

Reid and company run through the streets towards the Holland Tunnel, and Bridge is disgusted at the sight of hundreds of people looting the stores. Reid tries to explain to him how the machines are actually alive, but is stopped as he sees the tunnel blocked with people trying to escape the carnage. Meanwhile, Colonel Witwicky meets with the military brass to assess the situation. The Machination is mentioned, but said to be shut down and that they were a cover-up. The meeting is interrupted with a report that the entire platoon of troops in Central Park has been wiped out. As the brass runs outside the tent, they see Starscream, Thundercracker and Blitzwing blow up the Brooklyn Bridge. They then see a broadcast from Laserbeak of the Constructicons merging into Devastator, unable to do anything as it wades into the water and starts to collapse the tunnels...

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  • Hook doesn't know who Frenzy is, despite having met him back in Megatron Origin and both of them being two of the earliest Decepticons.

Items of note

  • Cameos: Optimus Prime (in picture)
  • It was previously established in Spotlight: Optimus Prime that gestalt technology was a dangerous, experimental process that resulted in the loss of sanity for the participants involved, as seen in the Pretender Monsters and their combined form Monstructor. The Constructicons do not seem to suffer from the consequences of combining here, however.
  • Soundwave is back to talking like his cartoon self, a la Megatron Origin.
  • Frenzy's arms become drills, perhaps as a variation of his brother's piledrivers.
  • The Transformers are public knowledge, but a government cover-up means everyone (even the military) believes they were simply weapons for the Machination. This doesn't quite work with how people reacted to them last issue, but on the plus side, it's more convincing than the last cover-up.
  • Colonel Witwicky had a CIA agent assaulted by a sergeant. We're pretty sure the military doesn't work that way.
  • The final scene of an extremely large Devastator expressing dull rage in the river is very reminiscent of the first Dreamwave G1 miniseries. That Devastator is obscenely large helps along the comparison.

Covers (3)

  • Cover A: Soundwave staring at Frenzy; art by Guido Guidi, colors by Josh Burcham.
  • Cover B: Communist propaganda style of Megatron silhouette behind a human army; art and colors by Trevor Hutchison
  • Cover RI: Soundwave study sketch; art by Guido Guidi.

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