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All Hail Megatron is a 16-issue maxi-series published by IDW Publishing, starting in July 2008, and set in the primary IDW continuity.

The first advertisement for the series was simply a red Decepticon symbol on a black background with "Swear Allegiance 2008" written in red. Follow-up ads used a Communist propaganda visual style.

All Hail Megatron was promoted by the standalone issue, "Focus On Decepticons".

All Hail Megatron issues:
Evil autobot

Well, we're boned!

Preceded by: Maximum Dinobots


The Autobots have left Earth to tend to an emergency on Garrus-9, leaving the Decepticons free to do as they will on the unprotected planet. Devastation

One year later, the Decepticons cause death and destruction in New York City, with the United States Military proving unable to stop them. The Decepticons obliterate both ground and air forces in deliberately humiliating displays of power before cutting off every way out of the city, all while broadcasting it to the world. Meanwhile, the Autobots are in a sorry state on Cybertron, with Optimus Prime in critical condition. Wheeljack and Bumblebee chance upon Hot Rod while on recon. Hot Rod says he sent a message, requesting help from the remaining Autobots. He was supposedly shot down, trapped on Cybertron with no way off the planet. Trapped, he says, with others...

Creative team

All Hail Megatron is written by Shane McCarthy and drawn by Guido Guidi, with colors by Josh Burcham.

Items of note

  • Originally, the series was said to be issues #35–46 in the IDW overarching "sub-numbering", picking up 12 issues after Devastation[1] (a gap which to be filled by the four Revelations Spotlights, the 5-issue Maximum Dinobots miniseries and 3 unnamed issues). However, Simon Furman later reported that these 3 issues were "to be confirmed" and the sub-numbering may not still apply.[2] Eventually, Chris Ryall said that IDW had decided to drop the sub-numbering entirely.[3]
  • This series will not be touching on the facsimiles or Ultra-Energon, two key parts of the Decepticon's invasion of Earth in the preceding comics. Uh oh. [4]
  • A persistent rumor among fans is that the series was originally conceived as a parallel universe, and the decision to incorporate it into the existing IDW G1 storyline came later. However, no statements from the creators have backed this up, and in fact the writer himself has said that it was never meant to be a reboot.[5]
  • When July sales data came in, it turned out All Hail Megatron #1, the heavily-promoted new-reader-friendly jump-on point to draw in New Readers... had sold one copy less than Devastation #1.[6]


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