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The name or term Allspark refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Allspark (disambiguation).

The All Spark (or AllSpark) is an object in the movie continuity.

It will tear your soul apart. Just ask Megatron.

The All Spark, also known as The Cube, is a physical object of mysterious origin. A large, metallic cube, it is inscribed with ornate runes and is believed to be responsible for creating and sustaining the Transformer race and the planet of Cybertron itself.

"Before time began, there was the Cube. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds, and fill them with life. That is how our race was born."
Optimus Prime on the origins of his race[[Transformers| [src]]]

Czech name: Prajiskra / Kostka / Zážehnice
Dutch name: Oervonk (translate roughly to "Ancient Spark")
Hungarian name: Örök Szikra (translates roughly to "Ever-spark")
Polish name: Wszechiskra
Spanish name: Chispa suprema ( translate roughly to "Supreme spark")



The All Spark was responsible for creating Cybertron and the Transformers. Its origins were unknown, and for the most part, the Transformers were content to leave it at that. The All Spark was the source of life, and that was all that mattered. In return for this act of creation and the continued sustaining of Cybertron, the Transformers tended to the All Spark and kept it safe. Under the reign of Optimus Prime and Lord Megatron, the Transformers flourished. But the peace would not last. Megatron hungered for conquest, while Prime believed in peace.

Swayed to the side of evil by the lure of the All Spark's power, Lord Megatron went rogue with his own army, the Decepticons, seeking to take control of it. Optimus Prime formed his own army, the Autobots, to counter Megatron. In the war that followed, Cybertron was decimated. The Autobots fought valiantly, but the Decepticons quickly gained ground. Eventually, Prime made the decision to launch the All Spark blindly into space. At Optimus Prime's orders, Bumblebee and a group of Autobots served as decoys, drawing the Decepticons --who thought they had the All Spark-- to Tyger Pax, far enough away from the artifact's true location to buy Prime the time needed to prepare the launch. Megatron himself took a personal hand in the torture of Bumblebee, attempting to force him to reveal the All Spark's location, but his efforts went in vain, and the All Spark was blasted into space to put it beyond Megatron's reach. In response, Megatron crushed Bumblebee's vocalizer and began to follow the All Spark into deep space. Prime Directive (IDW) issue 1

UK Transformers Comic[]

The All Spark was not merely launched blindly into space, however - its trajectory was leading it directly towards the Alkaris Anomaly, a wormhole that could potentially transport the cube to an infinite number of locations in the universe. Briefly delayed by an Autobot tractor beam, Megatron could not stop the cube from entering the wormhole, and instead chose to follow it into the anomaly. While the All Spark was disgorged somewhere in the vicinity of the Sol system, to eventually crash on Earth, Megatron was deposited by the wormhole in some other, far off star system, leaving him to hunt for the Cube through the endless reaches of space. Transformers Comic issue 2

Later on, a space-travelling Ironhide would be captured by an alien craft - its inhabitants appeared to be immense entities that claimed the All Spark had been stolen from them, and did a psychic probe of Ironhide. They turned out to be "electrical ghosts", a digital imprint from another time kept alive by the photon-rich atmosphere; the ship was a derelict, salvaged by another (rather feeble) alien race that had been using these ghosts as a front. The ship contained a device attuned to All Spark energy though, making it clear the original inhabitants did have some connection to the All Spark... Transformers Comic issue 5

When it turns human non-sentient mechanical devices into Transformers, the All Spark energy within them forms into small, red All Spark cubes; these can be removed and placed into other things. Starscream used this to make zombie Decepticons. Transformers Comic issue 7 It can also cyberform planets. Transformers Comic issue 9

In the alternate reality story Twilight's Last Gleaming, Sam's gambit failed and the Decepticons claimed the All Spark, with Megatron channelling its power personally. Ratchet was forced to destroy it to stop it being used to forcibly transform Earth into a second Cybertron. Transformers Comic issue 13 However, a fragment survived: due to the nature of the Cube, it could end up possessing the same power as the original All Spark. However, there is a risk that Megatron's link to it has corrupted the Cube. Ratchet is currently guarding it. Transformers Comic issue 14

When Ratchet used it to bring Jazz back to life, it turned out the fragment was indeed corrupted and the result was a corrupted, amoral Jazz. Worse still, despite the All Spark's destruction, the conversion of Earth into Cybertron left major damage and the planet is slowly dying. Transformers Comic issue 16

Transformers film[]

Allspark movie


The All Spark was found in 1913, 16 years after the N.B.E.-01 "Iceman" was found. The glyphs on the Cube were similar to the ones on the Iceman, indicating a link between the two. In order to hide the cube's energy signature from other humans and, potentially, from other N.B.E.s, the President had the Hoover Dam built around it. The Iceman was also moved to the dam for further study. It was eventually determined that the Cube emitted a type of radiation[1] which could bring mechanical devices to life.

Movie All Spark Hoover Dam

The true power behind Ernő Rubik's success.

Years later, when Megatron eventually came back online due to the intervention of his soldiers, Sam Witwicky convinced Sector Seven (with the help of Captain William Lennox's men) to release Bumblebee, explaining he could help. Bumblebee interacted with the cube and prompted it to collapse from an enormous monolith into a object less than half a meter across, and accordingly lesser in mass as well as volume. Bumblebee and a military escort, soon joined by the Autobots, took the Cube to Mission City, where Sam ran through the city avoiding the Decepticons. Along the way, Sam stumbled, and the All Spark released a wave of energon radiation which animated several nearby machines into living robots. During the battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron, the Autobot leader told Sam to merge the Cube with his spark.

Megatron allspark merge

More fibers and less All Spark in your diet prevent Spark attack.

However, Sam instead merged it with Megatron's spark, destroying both Megatron and the All Spark. Gazing at his dead brother for one last time, Optimus fished a fragment of the All Spark out of Megatron's chest.

Without a means to restore their homeworld, the Autobots elected to remain on Earth, and Prime sent a message to inform the surviving Autobots of their new found home. Transformers (film)

Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons[]

Throughout both games, the Autobots and Decepticons are racing to Hoover Dam to recover the All Spark and Megatron's frozen body from Sector 7 control. As the Cube is approached, it creates drones from nearby equipment to defend itself, finally explaining the aggressive tendencies of the robots created on Earth.

In the Autobots ending, Create-a-Bot smashes Megatron in the chest with the cube, finally ending his god-mode and opening him up for attack, but in the process sacrifices himself so that Optimus Prime can finish the Decepticon leader once and for all.

Basically, the Decepticons version ends the same, but with the evil Blum-bot attacking Starscream so that Megatron can destroy the traitor. Unlike the Autobots version, however, Starscream seems largely unharmed, if not empowered. This doesn't end well for Create-A-Bot OR Starscream, though, as Megatron still destroys his former second-in-command, then kills the newbie for being "weak." Transformers Autobots/Decepticons

Revenge of the Fallen film[]

After the destruction of the main cube, the fragment of the All Spark was kept in a vault on Diego Garcia until Soundwave learned of its location and dispatched Ravage to steal it with his Microcons. This shard was then used to resurrect Megatron. It is unknown what happened to it afterwards.

A small splinter also survived on Sam Witwicky's jacket and he found it when looking at the jacket. The splinter activated the knowledge the All Spark left in his head and turned his kitchen appliances into Appliancebots which were destroyed by Bumblebee. Later, the splinter was used to bring Jetfire out of stasis lock. It is unknown what happened to it afterwards.

The knowledge the All Spark downloaded into Sam's brain started to overwhelm him, making him see symbols and act crazy in class, drawing on the knowledge unconsciously to correct humankind's wrong assumptions during an astronomy class and allowed him draw knowledge into himself at a fast pace, shown by how he read a 903-page astronomy textbook in 32.6 seconds. Megatron kidnapped Sam as the knowledge showed where the Matrix of Leadership was and he tried to have Sam dissected for the information before Optimus Prime and Bumblebee rescued him. Sam ended up going to Seymour Simmons after learning he had similar symbols on his website and with the help of Wheelie located Jetfire to translate the symbols. Jetfire did so, remembered his mission and used a space bridge to teleport Sam's group to Egypt where the Matrix and Solar Harvester was. Jetfire explained the story of The Fallen and that the symbols were a map leading to the Matrix with the clue being "when dawn alights the Dagger's Tip, Three Kings will reveal the doorway." After this, the knowledge seemed to stop bothering Sam, although he retained the knowledge he gained from the textbook he read while under its influence. Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Age of Extinction film[]

Though not mentioned in the movie, it's revealed that Cybertronian lifeforms not merely created by AllSpark itself. But rather the Creators, unknown entity that once uses the Seeds, a bomb that turned any organic beings into Transformium ore that later used to created first generation of Transformers, and later Cybertronians. This means that AllSpark was, in fact, a powerful object that was created by Creators themselves.


Transformers film[]

  • Various AllSpark Power toys
A toy of the All Spark was available with Japanese versions of the AllSpark Power toys.


  • All Spark Cube with candy (2007)
A small transparent cube filled with yummy life-giving candy pieces.
  • Allsparks cubes (2007)
4 sticker-labeled plastic folding party favor/puzzle Allsparks [sic] cubes that can be opened and stacked in different configurations to complete images of the Movie Transformers. Created by DesignWare, a subsidiary of the American Greetings greeting card company. (Says it all, doesn't it?)

Transformers film[]

  • All Spark Cube (2007)
Released by Popbox Collectibles, this 1:4 scaled, 7cm paperweight replica of the All Spark is made from die-cast metal. It also comes with a small 3x3x2cm square perspex base.
  • Allspark Rubik's Cube (2008)

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

Robot heroes[]

  • Bumblebee vs. Starscream (2008)

I know I've seen this before.

Bumblebee carries the All Spark cube.


  • The movie's All Spark was derived from hybridizing the concepts of Vector Sigma and the Matrix of Leadership, but the term "Matrix" was off limits because of the object with same name in the live-action film series, and it's a big cube because, in the original screenplay, it was going to be called the "Energon Cube" instead. Optimus Prime's description in the movie intro would suggest it also bears similarities to a Cyber Planet Key from Transformers Cybertron. Being the object that brought robotic life to Cybertron would also make it comparable to the Key to Vector Sigma of Generation One.
  • Another giant cube that causes a big fight, resulting in a Decepticon overloading by absorbing its power.
  • The All Spark also bears no small resemblance in form and function to the Underbase, a giant cube-shaped object with remarkable powers that was launched from Cybertron in order to keep it out of Megatron's hands, and then flew aimlessly through space for millions of years.
  • By stating Cybertron and the Transformers were created by the All Spark, the movie retcons the retcon that Primus is Cybertron & the source of Transformer life across all continuities. Unless, that is, the All Spark is Primus' proxy or means through which he acts.
  • Optimus Prime states that the entire history of the Cybertronian race is stored within the cube. This coupled with the Fallen's statement that the information within the cube cannot be destroyed, only transformed, may indicate that the Allspark stores its information as energy as the first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it only changes from one form to another.
  • In July 2007, several items from the 2007 movie were auctioned off on e-bay including the 'Hero' AllSpark prop used for closeups, with the money benefiting the Fisher House Foundation, a living facility attached to many US Military Hospitals. The auction collected 99 bids and the prop was sold for US$20,100.
  • In the 2007 movie, there isn't a Soundwave that went from a small tape recorder to a giant robot because size-changing and mass-shifting was "verboten and stupid" according to Michael Bay.[2] Yet in the very same film, the All Spark shrunk from the dimensions and apparent mass of a city block (complete with tall buildings) down to football-size, and was then suddenly light enough for a skinny teenaged human to carry. However, given that the All Spark is made out of "raw power" and the exact energy it is made out of is unknown, it can be safely assumed that it works far differently to the bodies of Cybertronians. Rrriiiiight...
  • You notice that the Cube only animates evil guys instead of good guys?
    • The same can be said about its healing abilities seeing as Frenzy who was reduced to nothing more than his head is fully restored just by coming into close proximity of the cube and yet it makes no attempt to fix Bumblebees crippled legs despite the fact that he is physically carrying it on his person.
    • Or perhaps they have semi-formed consciousnesses as they are born of random energy pulses. It took eons for Transformers to reach there current state.
    • Also, considering that all human technology was reverse-engineered from Megatron, who is a Decepticon, it's not too much of a stretch to say that all human technology are inanimate Decepticons, and therefore, would only become evil guys.

The genuine Dorito of Leadership.

  • A large AllSpark shard, used for special effects, specially in the Revenge of the Fallen film to revive Megatron, was auctioned and sold for $1,200. It was made of solid metal, was 5.5 inches long and weighed almost a pound.[November, 2009]
  • In the movies, what happens to the AllSpark after it leads Sam to the Matrix of Leadership is unrevealed, however, in the Revenge of the Fallen novelization, Optimus Prime reveals that the Matrix absorbed the AllSpark. This is why it no longer bothers Sam by Dark of the Moon.
  • In the Revenge of the Fallen novelization, Jetfire reveals that the Matrix of Leadership was created by the AllSpark and possesses AllSpark energy. This is why it is able to resurrect Optimus Prime and where Sam gets the idea to use it to bring Optimus back as AllSpark energy brought Megatron back.

Notes and references[]

  1. Identified as Energon in Transformers: The Game
  2. ToyFare Magazine, issue number needed.[citation needed]

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