The All-Terrain Turbo-Transport is an Autobot shuttle in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"All-Terrain"? Is this thing four-wheel drive?

All-Terrain Turbo-Transports are Autobot shuttlecraft used to carry troops to and from a starship parked in planetary orbit. The top of the shuttle is a flat deck which can be used to position artillery or Autobots which can transform into artillery. An All-Terrain Turbo-Transport was seen used first by Steelhaven and later the Ark.

Note: All-Terrain Turbo-Transports were not seen until the introduction of Steelhaven and not used in association with the Ark until the Steelhaven stopped appearing. It's possible that the Ark bummed its ATTT off Steelhaven, since having a functional shuttlecraft would have been really nice while the Ark was still marooned.


Marvel Comics continuity

C'mon, you can fit more bases on there! Where's Combat Deck?

An All-Terrain Turbo-Transport from Steelhaven carried Fortress Maximus and the Autobot Targetmasters from Sparkplug Witwicky's home to an uncharted island in the Caribbean where the Decepticons were keeping Buster Witwicky hostage. While the Targetmasters swarmed the island, Fortress Maximus covered them in battle station mode on the ATTT's platform deck. The Desert Island of Space!

Fortress Maximus, Soundwave, and a team of allied Autobots and Decepticons arrived in Buenos Aires aboard an All-Terrain Turbo-Transport to await an Underbase-fueled Starscream. Dark Star!

The Ark stole it and painted it white.

When the Micromaster Air Strike Patrol threatened MacDill Air Force Base, Optimus Prime and a team of Autobots arrived in an ATTT from the Ark. Back from the Dead Optimus Prime ordered his team to reboard the ATTT and leave him there alone once he suspected the conflict had been orchestrated for unknown purposes by a mysterious outsider. All the Familiar Faces!

Grimlock stole an All-Terrain Turbo-Transport to bring his fallen Dinobot comrades to Hydrus Four in search of repair. Eye of the Storm

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