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Alice is a character from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. An attractive girl that attended Sam's college. She made advances on Sam in order to kill him revealing herself to be a Decepticon pretender.


Alice in human form

Alice attended college with Sam. When Alice discovered that Sam was writing Cybertronian glyphs on his walls, she made him lie down and secretly prepared to attack him. She pretends to have sex with him, but a sort of pobing device extended from under her skirt and prepared to strike. They were interrupted by Mikaela, who believed Sam was cheating on her and broke up with him on the spot. Before Sam could chase after her, Alice's tongue extended and wrapped around Sam's neck; his screams attracted Mikaela and Sam's roommate, Leo. Mikaela threw the box containing Wheelie at her, but missed. Alice chased the three through the school, alternating between her human and robot forms. Finally she was killed when Mikaela rammed her against a light pole with a car, crushing her and then ran her over, saying in anger: "Kiss this, bitch!" Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


  • According to the novelization, Alice scanned an animatronic Alice of Alice in Wonderland, from a Disney World-esque amusement park to get her human form. Presumably, she took her name from the figure as well.
  • Even in her full robot form, her tongue at the tip of her tentacle seems to remain fleshy.
  • When she turns in to a robot her clothes transform away, even though her clothes change though the film.
  • She is one of the few movie continuity Transformers to have no toys whatsoever.
  • The concept art for her done by Ben Procter shows her alternate mode not as Isabel Lucas, but as Rachel Nichols, who is also a hot blonde chick.
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