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Alexis is a main character in the Dreamwave continunity of Transformers Armada.

Alexis (Dreamwave)


Transformers Armada Comic

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She wears a short sleeveless green jacket and short white shirt that exposes her midriff.



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She hung out with Rad and Carlos some more. Unlike Rad, she was never strapped to an explosive asteroid. She was present when the Autobots, Decepticons, and Mini-Cons left Earth to defend Cybertron from Unicron.

Some time after the conflict on Earth had ended, Alexis began to compile a comprehensive database of information on several Transformers. She was unaware that this information (which, in several cases, contradicted actual events) was planted into her mind by Over-Run. More Than Meets The Eye



The first protest she ever participated in was against having to wear the same color every day.

In the years that followed the Transformers' departure from Earth, Alexis became an activist, traveling around the world with other like-minded individuals to (violently) protest the misuse of Earth's natural resources.

One such trip found her in Australia, protesting Alterenergy's 01 Source research. Her group's protest was interrupted by a Terrorcon attack, from which she ended up saving the life of a young teenager named Kicker. What Lies Beneath Twice. She also saved the life of Rad when he came to rescue her. What Lies Beneath, Part 3

Though Rad, now an adult, was now smitten with the equally-adult Alexis, she was not happy to learn about his involvement with Alterenergy. In turn, Rad was annoyed with her drive to change the world, as it meant she wouldn't be sticking around. Later, after a Battle Ravage attacked the city, and Alexis disappeared in an explosion, Rad believed her to be dead. When she popped up alive and fine, they hugged.


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