Alexis is a human character in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


And once I'm elected, I'll legalize everything! Bar anything that is illegal.

Alexis wants to be President when she grows up. Why does she think she's qualified? Running the free world has got to be less troublesome than keeping her friends Carlos and Rad from killing themselves every day.

Japanese name: Alexa


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Tabitha St. Germain (English), Akira Tomisaka (Japanese), Anke Kortemeier (Germany)



Get used to this, girlfriend.

When the Decepticon turncoat Starscream joined the ranks of the Autobots, Alexis took a shine to him. However, Starscream dismissed her and the other human children, as he was only concerned with defeating Megatron. Despite this, the kids asked Starscream to bring them back a souvenir when the former Decepticon and Jetfire travelled to Mars in search of a Mini-Con panel. In spite of his rude, lone-wolf demeanor, Starscream brought back a mysterious green rock for the kids, thus earning him a place in their hearts, in particular Alexis. Mars

In return for his kindness, the kids threw him a surprise party, sewing a large Chamois of Friendship out of several smaller rags. Starscream was touched by this, but unfortunately abandoned the gift ten minutes later when he was duped into returning to the Decepticons by Thrust, ostensibly so as to destroy Megatron. Crack

Chamois WHY

Why Starscream? WHHHHHYYYY?!?

Much later, she revealed to Starscream that she had fashioned a necklace (that was somehow tied to his very spark) out of the rock he had procured for her. When Starscream was destroyed by Unicron, her amulet cracked symbolically, alerting her to the fact something was very wrong. Cramp

Alexis was hit hardest when Optimus Prime reported Starscream's noble death. At the time, she didn't understand why he did what he did, and expressed her grief by pounding on the window of the ship. However, when the Autobots and Decepticons forged their new alliance, she was comforted by the fact that Starscream's sacrifice did not go in vain, and felt that he would have loved to see the day the three Transformers factions joined together. Alliance



Saturn Queen.

Soon after the defeat of Unicron and the reunification of the Cybertronians under the Autobot flag, Alexis travelled to Cybertron as part of the human delegation. Cybertron City


Ten years later, Alexis worked as a diplomat on behalf of the Earth Federation, usually as a liaison between the nations of Earth and the Cybertronian Autobot-Decepticon alliance. Alexis traveled to Ocean City to tell the human crew and their Cybertronian allies about the Federation's decision to declare a position of neutrality in the latest Transformers conflict. While Alexis now represented the interests of Earth, she still had faith in Optimus Prime and trusted his decisions in the Energon war, just as she trusted him during the Unicron Battles. Energon Stars


Alexis cybertron

Psst... pssst... over here!


The seeds of the future lie buried in the past. Or something.

Alexis continued on in her governmental job, and by 2030 had apparently come to work quite closely with the President in some way, given that she was the only other person present on stage when the President appointed Colonel Franklin Earth's ambassador to Cybertron. Subsequently, she, Rad and Carlos were among the humans who bid farewell to the Autobots as they departed Earth to begin a new space bridge construction program. Beginning

Note: The images of Alexis, Rad, Carlos and Kicker with spectral characters from prior series did not appear in the Galaxy Force version of the show, as at the time Takara had taken the position of the show being a continuity reboot... a position they later retconned, placing it as the direct sequel to Super Link as was originally planned. Confused yet? Interestingly, the shot of Alexis on-stage was in the original...

Dreamwave comics continuity


She hung out with Rad and Carlos some more. Unlike Rad, she was never strapped to an explosive asteroid. She was present when the Autobots, Decepticons, and Mini-Cons left Earth to defend Cybertron from Unicron.

Some time after the conflict on Earth had ended, Alexis began to compile a comprehensive database of information on several Transformers. She was unaware that this information (which, in several cases, contradicted actual events) was planted into her mind by Over-Run. More Than Meets The Eye



The first protest she ever participated in was against having to wear the same color every day.

In the years that followed the Transformers' departure from Earth, Alexis became an activist, traveling around the world with other like-minded individuals to (violently) protest the misuse of Earth's natural resources.

One such trip found her in Australia, protesting Alterenergy's 01 Source research. Her group's protest was interrupted by a Terrorcon attack, from which she ended up saving the life of a young teenager named Kicker. What Lies Beneath Twice. She also saved the life of Rad when he came to rescue her. What Lies Beneath, Part 3

Though Rad, now an adult, was now smitten with the equally-adult Alexis, she was not happy to learn about his involvement with Alterenergy. In turn, Rad was annoyed with her drive to change the world, as it meant she wouldn't be sticking around. Later, after a Battle Ravage attacked the city, and Alexis disappeared in an explosion, Rad believed her to be dead. When she popped up alive and fine, they hugged.

The end.

Note: And then Dreamwave folded.

Panini comics continuity


I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Legends anthology


Alexis midriff

Alexis' original character model.

  • According to the now-defunct TV Tokyo Micron Legend website, Alexis was 11 years old at the start of Armada. The page also stated she was Asian, and that her Japanese name, Alexa, was short for Alexandra.
  • Meanwhile, according to the liner notes of The Transformers: Legends of the Microns Sound of Evolution Vol. 2 (the second series soundtrack), there were difficulties coming up with character designs for the kids, as the producers had been given three mandated races: white, Hispanic, and Asian. The notes go on to further confirm Alexis as being Asian by specifying that she was the daughter of "Vietnamese boat people". The character was named after the daughter of one of the American staff.
  • Even though Alexis's original character model was not used in the comics or the series, the More Than Meets The Eye guidebook shows a young adult Alexis wearing a midriff.
  • Despite everything that transpired in Armada, Alexis does not appear to even remember Starscream at all during the events of Energon, nor does he. Even her special necklace appears to be completely forgotten.
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