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The Alden Military Base is a base in the United States of America run by the U.S. military. It has a lot of jeeps and helicopters.


Transformers: Prime

"Nemesis Prime"

In an attempt to turn the US military against the AutobotsSilas used Nemesis Prime to attack Alden Military Base, smashing a number of the helicopters and shooting at the soldiers. News of the attack reached Agent Fowler, who was at the Autobot base at the time, and confirmed that the attacker was not the real Optimus Prime. Optimus duly led a team to the base, but when they arrived, Nemesis Prime sped off, and the soldiers' attention fell on the Autobots instead, forcing them to retreat. Fowler later unsuccessfully tried to convince General Bryce that the Autobots were not involved in the attack.

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