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Al-Badur is a Quintesson from the Generation One continuity family.

Al-Badur, Second Triarch of the Fifth Cybertronian Section, is an ancient Quintesson who was banished into another dimension (planet) by his comrades for being a criminal. The exact nature of his crime was to question the will of his superiors.

He got off light, though. After all, they could have fed him to the Sharkticons.


Cartoon continuity[]

After the Autobots discovered the secret chamber in Planetary Corridor CB311B4, Rewind examined the hieroglyphics and learned that the room was used by the Quintessons to banish their criminals to other dimensions. The writings on the wall said that Al-Badur was banished to an ice dimension. Madman's Paradise

Universe: Featuring the Wreckers[]

After a crippling betrayal on Akalo, Primal Prime led his Wreckers to a distant, icy world to where the Oracle had guided him for further assistance. The Wreckers were surprised to find Al-Badur there, and though Rodimus and Arcee were immediately suspicious of the Quintesson, Primal Prime allowed him to explain himself.

Al-Badur detailed at length the history of Quintessons on Cybertron and how this history intertwined with Primus, the origin of the Transformers, and Vector Sigma. It was then that Primal Prime and Apelinq realized that the Oracle, which sent the Wreckers on their original quest, was none other than a shell program the Quintessons had installed on Vector Sigma millions of years ago to control it.

This epiphany shocked the group to their core, but soon the group was under attack by Sharkticons. Who sent them was unknown, though they seemed to be after Al-Badur. Reluctantly, the Wreckers fought back the Sharkticon army to protect the annoying little scientist.

Despite several complaints, Al-Badur was escorted by the Wreckers off the planet in the hopes that he could shed light on other mysteries, such as the importance of their target artifact, the Divine Light. Disclosure

Wreckers: Finale Part II

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