Airwave is a Decepticon Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Airwave con

Check out the face on his chest. He's like robo-Kuato.

If crime didn't pay, Airwave would be out of a job. Before the Cybertronian Civil Wars, he was an airbase inspector, charged with finding and reporting stolen and contraband goods...but if you greased his palm a little, he gladly looked the other way. When the Decepticons started their smuggling operation, Airwave happily signed on—as long as Megatron kept letting him play the black market.

Eventually, he was put in charge of a Decepticon airbase, and proved himself an able (if a tad sadistic) commander. However, his petty scams and swindles have earned him the enmity of his fellow Decepticons, who'd gladly sell him for scrap if Megatron didn't need him.

Italian name: Lancer


Dreamwave comics continuity

Airwave was briefly seen at the bar in Little Iacon, lying facedown on a table. For some reason. The Gray Race



Generation One

  • Airwave (Micromaster Station, 1989)
Accessories: Airport base, 2 missiles, ramp
A redeco of the Air Strike Patrol member Nightflight, Airwave transforms into into a Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet. He was sold with an airport hangar that transforms into a missile base and can connect with other Micromaster bases via modular ramps.
This mold was released without changes in Japan as Overair. It was also used to make the Zone Autobot Nightflight.

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