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Airraptor is a Dinobot from the Beast Machines era of the Generation One continuity family.
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Airraptor is a perfectionist. He's meticulous and pays close attention to detail in everything he does. This, combined with keen visual sensors, makes him a deadly sharpshooter and valued surveillance specialist. These same skills also served him well in his former function as an interplanetary surveyor and navigator aboard the Axalon back before the events of the Beast Wars.


3H Wreckers Comics

The Dinobots were sent to an unnamed planet by the Oracle, in order to awaken the "sleeping giant" for a mysterious purpose. Departure

However, the mission was a fool's errand, arranged by the Quintessons and designed to destroy the Dinobots; the planet was the world where one of their most dangerous creations ever remained a prisoner, the energy-draining Trans-Organic creature known as the Dweller. Betrayal Airraptor was caught up in the Dweller's web-net and was reduced to dust by total energy drain. Wreckers: Finale Part I


Beast Machines

He's proof that dinosaurs evolved into birds. BURN HIM!

  • Airraptor (Deluxe Dinobot, 2000)
    • Accessories: 2 feather-bombs
Airraptor is a redeco of the Beast Wars Neo Predacon Archadis, transforming into an organic Archaeopteryx. His wings extend via spring-loaded triggers to drop feather-bombs, as well as reveal flip-out (non-firing) blasters. In robot mode, his right foream has a pistol with a geared "quick-draw" action, activated by rotating his attached tail-shield. Spiffy.

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