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Airazor is a Decepticon-aligned Mini-Con and partner to Fracture and Divebomb.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In Hunting Season, Airazor and Divebomb accompanied Fracture to Earth with the aim of collecting the bounty on Bumblebee, but immediately ran into Drift. The pair tangled with Drift's Mini-Cons, with Airazor finding himself roped by Jetstorm. After Bumblebee's team joined the fight, the three Decepticons retreated to their ship where they spied on the Autobots using micro-drones. They talked about terminating Drift and taking the bounty themselves, which made them all laugh evilly. After abducting several of the Autobots and a human, Fracture went to try and capture Bumblebee and the two Mini-Cons again tangled with Jetstorm and Slipstream. They managed to capture Fixit and Russell Clay, however Drift's Mini-Cons took control of Fracture's ship, and the three Decepticons were forced to retreat from the scrapyard.

In Sideways, after Fracture had joined Steeljaw's team, Airazor and Divebomb took part in a battle against the Autobots, attacking Strongarm until she managed to get cuffs on them both. Fortunately for them, Steeljaw later freed everyone and they all retreated back to their hideout.

In Lockout, Fracture deployed his Mini-Cons to monitor the Autobots command systems when Steeljaw's pack took over the scrapyard. They were attacked by Drift's Mini-Cons and fought them. When the Autobots took control again, Divebomb and Airazor escaped with Steeljaw to go back to Fracture as the Decepticons escaped the scrapyard to go back to their hideout.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Fracture's Mini-Cons had set up a trap for Strongarm to fall for and get incapacitated. The Mini-Cons carried her back to the hideout where Steeljaw was impressed by his team. Fracture was tasked by Steeljaw to go to the scrapyard and free the other prisoners. When they tricked Russell into opening the gate with Divebomb disguised as a hologram of Hank, they used him as a way of getting inside until Fixit shot near them, allowing Russell to break free. As they made their way to get the humans and Fixit, they were attacked and incapacitated by an upgraded Optimus Prime, who came from the Realm of the Primes.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, they were placed in stasis pods with the rest of Steeljaw's gang, minus Steeljaw.


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