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This article is about the Beast Wars Maximal. For the Armada Autobot, see Airazor (Armada).

Primarily used for recon and surveillance due to her aerial alternate mode, Airazor's talents are a great asset to the Maximal cause. She's calm and confident, but also adventurous and brave, with a healthy supply of dry humor. Her aerial skill in either mode, incredibly sharp eyesight and steady aim make her a dangerous opponent.

Due to the circumstances of her "birth," she sees Rhinox as something of an uncle-figure and Cheetor as the sibling she never had. She devotes most of her efforts, however, to taming the wild yet gentle Tigatron. She shares his love for the beautiful planet on which the Maximals are stranded, and it is on this planet where their destiny will be forever intertwined.

"She stoops to conquer!"
―Airazor[["Call of the Wild"| [src]]]

French-Canadian name (original toy): Aérolame ("Aero Blade")
French-Canadian name (cartoon & Transmetal): Serres D'Acier ("Claws of Steel")
Chinese name (Taiwan): Shén Yīng (神鷹, "God Hawk") / Yīng Nǚ (鷹女, "Hawk Woman")
Italian name (original toy): Falcon
Italian name (cartoon): Falcon Lady
Italian name (Transmetal): Metal Falcon
Italian name (video-pack release): Falco
Polish name: Brzytwozora (an exact translation from "razor" wich means "brzytwa")
Portuguese name: Fálcuria
Spanish name: Cuchilla ("Blade")
Spanish name (Latin America): Águila ("Eagle")


Beast Wars cartoon continuity

The Razor's Edge

Airazor was once a Maximal named Wing Saber. Back on Cybertron, she led a team of unstoppable female Maximals who had awesome special powers like all your favorite Autobots but totally better. With them, she once dressed up like sexy servodroids, and she also fought the original Megatron, but it turned out he was actually someone else in a big Megatron costume. The Razor's Edge

Dawn of Future's Past

Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

The Predacons who stole the Golden Disk were pursued by Unit 2, who was granted clearance from Maximal Defense Command to commandeer transport. The Maximal who would become Airazor was boarding her ship, the Chromia 10, when Unit 2 approached and demanded use of it. "Airazor" at first refused, but suggested she was open to ... persuasion. The call of adventure captured her interest, and instead of handing over the Chromia 10 to Unit 2, she allowed him to hitch a ride, piloting it herself.

Chromia 10 intercepted the Predacons' ship, the Darksyde, which was engaged in battle with the Axalon and guarded by a mysterious third ship. During the ensuing firefight, the Chromia 10 was badly damaged. Optimus Primal had "Airazor" and Unit 2's Sparks remotely uploaded to blank protoforms in the Axalon's cargo hold, which saved their lives, but severely damaged their core mainframes. Dawn of Future's Past

Note: This story is a retcon, as Airazor was originally treated as a newborn protoform in the Beast Wars animated series. Instead, here she is revealed to have been a Maximal who existed previously on Cybertron but ended up on the Axalon in a stasis pod, damaged to the point of not remembering any of her past.

Beast Wars cartoon

Voice Actor: Pauline Newstone (English), Tetsuya Iwanaga (Japanese), Denise Reis (Portuguese)

Her stasis pod damaged upon crashing to Earth, Airazor was able to come online due to the genius of Rhinox and the bravery of Cheetor. Rhinox deftly operated the stasis pod's controls and Cheetor offered up his own components to repair it. Immediately out of the pod, she outmaneuvered and destroyed Terrorsaur. Her aerial beast mode, at the time, made her the only Maximal other than Optimus who could fly. The Spark

And the lady shall ride a tiger.

She and Tigatron started to team up more frequently, a prospect Airazor seemed to welcome, but Tigatron preferred to work alone. Their first big adventure together came when a flying island paradise was discovered. The island, however, was covered in booby-traps which were triggered by the use of energy weapons. Airazor rescued Tigatron when he was ambushed by Predacons on the island, but she was damaged badly. Tigatron carried her on his back, refusing to leave her behind. The island was ultimately destroyed, much to the sadness and outrage of Tigatron, and he would have secluded himself from the other Maximals further if not for Airazor's concern. The Trigger, Part 2

Soon after, the Predacons beat Tigatron to another stasis pod, reprogramming it and unleashing Inferno. Once again, Airazor tried to work with Tigatron, but, once again, he insisted that he work alone. Airazor commented that sometimes you can be too alone. She was right, because then Tigatron got shot up a lot. Nearing death, Tigatron was saved by the arrival of Airazor and Optimus Primal. Spider's Game

After the realization that the aliens who seeded their planet with traps and energon were returning to destroy it, the Maximals and Predacons entered a truce. Optimus Primal used Airazor to try to sneak Rattrap into the Predacon base to find out what Megatron was up to, but Megatron, of course, found them on his scanners and politely asked them to leave. Unbeknownst to Megatron, the ploy was a decoy for Tigatron's infiltration. Before the Storm The aliens arrived and a new alien structure was built, trapping Airazor, who was tortured. Optimus Primal forced his way inside, with the help of the Predacons, and traded himself to the aliens for Airazor. Other Voices, Part 1 After Primal was scanned and briefed by the aliens, they transformed the planet's artificial second moon into a Planet Buster, which fired upon the planet, slowly igniting the unstable energon. Other Voices, Part 2


After the destruction of the Vok's Planet Buster, Airazor and Tigatron left together to find the rest of the missing stasis pods scattered across the planet. While on their search, the two Maximals discovered not only a remarkably beautiful valley, but a strange plant. As the two looked into each other's eyes and held hands in quiet celebration, the plant transformed into another Vok device, and as they clasped hands, declaring their love to exist beyond the throes of death, the two were absorbed and shot into space. Cheetor arrived, but was too late, and loudly protested the loss of two of his best friends. Other Visits (Part 1)

Airazor and Tigatron were kept in a form of stasis until near the end of the Beast Wars, when they were merged into the powerful being Tigerhawk. Tigerhawk returned to Earth as the emissary of the Vok to stop the deterioration that the Beast Wars were causing to the timestream, his first act being to destroy the Darksyde, sending the Predacons scrambling. Tarantulas managed to capture Tigerhawk and removed the Vok's influence from his frame (and absorbed it into himself), letting Airazor and Tigatron's sparks inhabit Tigerhawk's body. Tigatron's voice was dominant, but Tigerhawk's personality and mannerisms were an amalgam of Tigatron and Airazor's. Other Victories

Shortly afterward, however, Tigerhawk was killed in a standoff with the Nemesis after Megatron retrieved it from the ocean floor.

3H comics

Somewhere near the end of the first year of the Beast Wars, before the Planet Buster ignited the planet's energon, Airazor, Rhinox, and Cheetor overheard a battle between Fractyl and Packrat. Airazor ended up having to rescue Cheetor, who had darted off ahead of them and gotten blasted. After the battle was resolved, she and the other Maximals fled, pretending to be beaten by the timid Fractyl to increase his standing in Megatron's eyes. Critical Mass


After the Beast Wars were over, Tarantulas, presumed destroyed, existed in a new, undead form that was fueled by his new Vok powers. The remaining Vok assembled warriors to end this threat, creating Primal Prime and giving new Transmetal bodies to the extant Sparks of Airazor and Tigatron.

After awakening a stranded stasis pod containing Ramulus, opening a second pod triggered an ambush by Spittor, Iguanus, Razorclaw, and a reborn Transmetal 2 Ravage. Airazor immediately saved Tigatron's life, knocking Spittor aside before Tigatron would have unwittingly come in contact with Spittor's body, covered entirely in cyber-venom. This maneuver left her vulnerable to Ravage's gunfire, which knocked her out of the air.

The battle ended catastrophically, and Ramulus, Airazor, and Tigatron were forced to carry a critically-wounded Primal Prime back to the Ark after Tarantulas ripped the Matrix of Leadership from his chest. As Airazor and Tigatron conferred with the seemingly absent Vok, Airazor experienced great pains due to her battle wounds. But before she could explain, the Ark was under attack by Ravage and the Predacons. Primeval Dawn

Note: Due to 3H Productions loss of the convention license, "Primeval Dawn "was never completed. It is telling, however, that Airazor was not present in the subsequently-placed "Wreckers" storyline. It is unclear for certain what happened to her in the interim, though it is probable that she died.

Beast Wars Metals comic

From chick to guy and back to chick! (You're sure about that, right?)

Note: The Beast Wars Metals comics takes place after the first season of Beast Wars and ignores the rest. Airazor is a girl.

Thanks to the Quantum Surge, Airazor became a Transmetal.

Later, Airazor's spark became separated from her body, with her body becoming host to a malevolent force. The evil Airazor did battle with Tigatron, who did not want to fight the robot he loved. With no other option, Tigatron gave the evil Airazor one of his katana and knelt down. As the evil Airazor struck him with the sword, the real Airazor's spark entered Tigatron's body. In cyber space, the two embraced and vowed never to be apart again. As their sparks merged, they became Tigerhawk.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Gone Too Far

Airazor, who transforms into a twin-nosed jet, is a police-bot within the TransTech city of Axiom Nexus. Gone Too Far


Beast Wars

She should hang out with Override.


  • Airazor (Basic, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: C-10
    • Accessories: Blaster
Part of the first wave of year-two Beast Wars product, Airazor transforms into a somewhat generic falcon (or some other bird of prey). Unlike first-year Basics, Airazor's transformation is entirely manual, rather than spring-loaded. Pulling on feathers near its tail activates a spring-loaded wing-movement gimmick. Each wing also has a flip-out blade. Its tail hides a non-firing blaster.
For its Takara release, it was available both as an individual and in an "Aerial Showdown" Vs-pack with Insecticon.


  • Airazor (Video pack-in, 1997)
The original Airazor toy was given a similar but darker redeco, and packaged with a VHS tape containing the episodes "Aftermath" and "Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1)".

First American toy designed to be a girl from the start.


  • Airazor (Deluxe Transmetal, 1998/1999)
    • Japanese ID number: C-44
Transmetal Airazor transforms into a mechanical falcon, with a third "seaplane" mold with fold-down pontoons. In robot mode, the chromed beast-mode backplate can fold around it for a "shield" mode.
The Japanese version of this toy is largely identical, but the yellow plastics were replaced with a bright orange. The "AIRAZOR" tampograph on its chromed shields was also changed to "CYBERTRON" with the Maximal faction symbol. It was available both as an individual and in a two-pack with Quickstrike.
This mold was also used to make Armada Airazor.


  • Airazor (Deluxe Transmetal, 2000)
One of the final releases of the normal Beast Wars line, Airazor's Transmetal toy was given a tweaked deco and released as part of the so-called "Fox Kids" assortment of Deluxe Transmetal redecos. Again, its redeco was not as drastic a change from the original as the others in the series.
This version of Airazor was made available in Japan as a JafCon convention exclusive along with the "Fox Kids" versions of Transmetal Cheetor and Rattrap.


I am a symptom of the retroactive ruination of Beast Wars.


  • Chromia 10 Pilot (Airazor) (Club exclusive, 2007)
The second members-only exclusive to Fun Publications' Transformers Collectors' Club, Airazor is a redeco of Energon Slugslinger with a retooled head, transforming into a Cybertronic twin-cockpit jet. Her jet mode has an under-slung spring-loaded missile launcher (which flips over her shoulder in robot mode), plus she also has flip-out (non-firing) blasters as well.



  • In the Japanese dub of Beast Wars, Airazor was turned into a boy as a means to (hopefully) increase toy-sales. For the TV series, his relationship with Tigatron was played off somewhat differently to avoid complaints of homosexuality. Tigatron was presented as a samurai retainer with protective feelings towards his young ward; their closeness addressed in a "brotherly" sort of way. Despite that, there was still enough visual innuendo left-over for the gender-bending to become unsettling. The Japanese script's near-relentless "jokey" tone didn't help.
  • Airazor and Dinobot never speak to each other throughout the show. The closest they got to each other was when they stood side by side at the end of "The Trigger, Part 2" and "Before the Storm"
  • Airazor's gender in the Hasbro line is due to Beast Wars story editors Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio's insistence. The original Airazor toy wasn't developed with a specific gender in mind, and Bob & Larry wanted a larger female presence in the show. The gender-neutral Airazor toy seemed as good a choice as any. They requested the change early enough that the toy's packaging bio could have its pronouns changed to female (thank God). The later Transmetal version of Airazor was the first American-released Transformer mold created to represent a female character.
  • Note the name of Airazor's ship in Dawn of Future's Past, the Chromia 10. "C-10" is a reference to her original toy's Japanese ID number, and not to being "case fresh", as is obvious from her dialogue.
  • The Dawn of Future's Past Club exclusive toy is only sorta technically the second Club exclusive toy. She was actually shipped at the same time as Astrotrain, but he was the first toy advertised.
  • Discounting Dinobot, Airazor is the first Maximal not to have a mammal for an alt mode in the show.

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