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Specifics: comics, toys
The name or term Airazor refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Airazor (disambiguation).

Airazor is pure professionalism. She always keeps her cool, and never wastes words, actions or ammo. In battle she's precise and persistent, a crack shot and an ace flier. She gives her all and does it without complaint, or even comment.

Because of this, many consider her to be cold and impersonal. In reality, she's very compassionate; she just believes she must work her hardest to defeat the Decepticons, who threaten everything and everyone she cares about, so she pushes herself to the limit. Keeping professional about her tasks keeps her strong, Airazor feels.

This attitude seems to have had an unintended side effect on her Mini-Con partner Nightscream. An utterly undisciplined malcontent and pest to everyone else, Nightscream actually snaps to and gets his slag together whenever things get hairy and Airazor is in the middle of it.


Dreamwave Continuity[]


Airazor along with Cheetor, Terrorsaur and Rhinox were kidnapped by Unicron right as they charged into battle against him, so he could cull their memories and learn what preceded his arrival.


Ten years later she returned - resurrected as one of the Chaos Bringer's Four Horsemen. She and her twisted brethren were sent to Cybertron to delay the Autobots from travelling to Earth, and waged a brutal battle against them until Optimus Prime tapped into the Spark of Combination and drove them back. Had the comics continued she would have been featured along with her brother horsemen, taking on Omega Supreme on mars.




You'd think having that car there wouldn't exactly be great for the old aerodynamics...

  • Airazor with Nightscream (Super-con, 2003)
A redeco and retooling of the Transmetal version of Beast Wars Airazor, Armada Airazor transforms into a robotic falcon with 2 turbines. She has a third semi-vehicle mode, her wings partially unfolding into a floatplane-like configuration. She was given Powerlinx plugs on her wings, plus (bizarrely enough) a molded Decepticon sigil on her back, normally hidden in both modes.
She came with her Mini-Con partner Nightscream.


  • According to Aaron Archer, the molded Decepticon sigil on the Airazor toy was not on any Hasbro plans, so how it got on there is unknown. Archer suggested, as a rationalization for the symbol, that she was a spy - for which side is unclear.

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