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"Yeah she's domineering and the extra arms are weird but I find myself intrigued by her."
Breakdown on Airachnid

Airachnid is a Spider Psycho Decepticon torture expert, assassin, and alien collector. She has a cold-sparked, murderous demeanour. She left Cybertron in the Great Exodus and went solo. She started visiting other planets, when she does, she takes souvenirs — the heads of the dominant species, which she keeps in specimen jars on her ship. She has quite a history with Arcee.


Prime cartoon[]

Voice actor: Gina Torres (English)

Rattrap wouldn't trust her.

Airachnid's ship crash landed on Earth while Arcee and Jack were on Energon Patrol. She had come to Earth for her next souvenir. As soon as Arcee saw the ship, she knew who it was. This led her to a flash back while she was in Airachnid's torture chambers on Cybertron. Arcee witnessed her partner Tailgate's death by Airachnid's hand, Airachnid then proceeded to scour a mark on Arcee's face with her Acidic touch. Later though, Arcee faced her demons. Arcee arrived just in time to stop Airachnid harming Jack. Airachnid pinned her to the wall with her webs. After getting free, Arcee managed to defeat Airachnid with a little help from Jack, only to see her escape under-ground in her drill mode. Predatory (episode)

She later had a "partnership" with M.E.C.H. to get revenge on Arcee and Jack. M.E.C.H kidnapped June Darby, Jack's mother, and lures them to Arachnid. When Arachnid was about to strike her revenge, Agent Fowler showed up. She scanned his helicopter and fled. Crisscross

Later, she stole the Polarity gauntlet from Breakdown in the desert, claiming "It fits, a girl can never have too many accessories." When Arcee arrived, magnetized to Bulkhead's rear, they fought. A stray blaster bolt from Arcee knocked the gauntlet from Airachnid's hand, causing it to activate, but Breakdown managed to turn it off. Later in the battle, she got stuck to Breakdown and was taken aboard the Nemesis. She told Megatron, "What can I say, it's good to be back." Metal Attraction

Airachnid and Starscream went in search of the Harbinger, a lost Decepticon transporter that carried a special weapon, the Immobilizer. Airachnid activated the ship's computer, but Starscream warned that the Autobots would trace the energy signal, which They did. When Airachnid found out the ship was broken in half when it was attacked by Autobots, she wasn't happy. She tied him up and left for the Autobots. He told where the other half is though. When the Autobots found him, he said he wanted change sides and become an Autobot. Partners


Not far away, Airachnid had found the other half of the ship, and, the Immobilizer. When the Autobots arrived, she attacked them with it. She hits Bulkhead, freezing him. Nearby, Arcee was guarding Starscream when he made the Primus awful mistake of admitting to her that he was the one who killed Cliffjumper. Enraged at finding the 'Con who killed her partner, Arcee allowed Starscream to be escape and they began to fight. Thinking she had frozen him, Airachnid left Bumblebee, only for him to sneak up to her and punched her round the chops. She dropped the Immobilizer and Bumblebee destroyed it. Airachnid transformed and escapes in her helicopter form, only to get the riot act from Megatron, who was furious at her for leaving Starscream to the Autobots, thereby giving them access to valuable Decepticon information. What both of them did not realize was that Starscream had escaped and declared himself neutral to the bots and cons before flying off to parts unknown. Partners

Later, Airachnid was placed in command of Megatron's vessel in his absence. When Megatron did not report back for some time, Airachnid stated that the Decepticons "should consider the possibility of a future without Megatron..." As Earth begins to fall into chaos due to the awakening of Unicron, Airachnid ordered a departure from Earth. Soundwave, however, challenged Airachnid's authority. When she tried to correct him, Soundwave easily beat Airachnid down, forcing her to yield, and embarrassing her in front of the entire crew. One Shall Rise

Airachnid requested Megatron to utilize her skills of subterranean travel in the anticipated retrieval of the other coordinates from Project Iacon, which Orion Pax had left encrypted. As she left the bridge, Megatron asked Soundwave to remind him of Airachnid's trustworthiness. Soundwave responded with a recording of Airachnid suggesting that the Decepticons leave Megatron behind in the chaos of Unicron's wake. Megatron then assigned Dreadwing to assassinate her, thereby promoting him to First Lieutenant. Dreadwing brought Breakdown with him to ensure her destruction. However, Airachnid's cunning got the better of Breakdown. She was able to subdue Dreadwing while luring Breakdown into a trap. However, she is injured in the process. Breakdown followers her to a dead end where he is restrained. She then kills him, tearing him limb from limb and retreats to nurse her wounds. M.E.C.H. soon came along and cleaned up her mess, unknown to her or anyone else. She hid underground and comes across an Insecticon trying to kill Starscream. She discovered she had almost a hypnotizing control over the beast, and after being handed the Energon the creature had been carrying, she ordered it to kill Starscream. Starscream manages to escape, though badly injured and contacts the Autobots to warn them of her command of the Insecticon. As Megatron and the other Decepticons questioned what happened to Breakdown's remains, Airachnid contacts Megatron. She challenged him to kill her himself, since he could not be bothered to do it the first time, and Breakdown payed the price for it. Megatron gladly accepted, commanding Dreadwing to remain on ship, and met Airachnid at her coordinates. However, the Insecticon quickly ambushed Megatron, and soon after the Autobots arrived. Arcee ambushed Airachnid and as the two of them fight, Megatron managed to kill the Insecticon. Airachnid trapped Arcee and just as she was about to kill her, Starcream saved Arcee and released her, remarking that she had spared him when he was in a similar situation. Airachnid escaped, cursing Starscream and swearing retribution when she heard the hum of a Spark in stasis. She stumbled upon a vast cave housing thousands of Insecticons in stasis. She remarked "So my warrior was merely a scout..." Crossfire

Later, she found the location of the Nemesis and awakened several of the Insecticons inside the nest she had found. While they were busy flying to the Decepticon warship, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Arcee arrived. However, Airachnid then had the rear unit of her Insecticon army attack the Autobots while she escaped, but Arcee was able to escape the Insecticons and chase after her.

While giving chase, Arcee also had to handle two Insecticons; however, one of them stopped right in front of a tree, which caused the other to ram into it. One of the disabled Insecticons then crashed near Airachnid, causing her to fly off the ledge she stood upon. Upon recovering from the impact, Airachnid tunneled underground, into the nest she had discovered, and Arcee followed.

Inside the nest, Airachnid began to actually combat Arcee. During the fight, however, she knocked onto one of the opened Insecticon stasis pods by Arcee. The pod then activated, which sealed before she could escape (slicing off one of her legs in the process), then entered a form of stasis. The pod was then brought back to the Autobot's headquarters. Armada

Airachnid's pod survived the destruction of the Autobot base and was recovered by the Decepticon salvage teams that inspected the wreckage of the Autobot base along with the Forge of Solus Prime. The pod was then taken to the Decepticon warship and stored in a vault. Smokescreen accidentally entered her pod (using the Phase Shifter) while looking for the Forge.

She stayed that way until Knock Out's and Starscream's disastrous experiment that combined Synthetic and Dark Energon, turning Silas/Breakdown into an Energon sucking zombie. The Terrorcon eventually found Airachnid's pod and released her, intending to suck her dry. The two fought, with Airachnid eventually getting the upper hand and putting Breakdown's controller down (much to his relief) once and for all. She then proceeded to re-take control of the Insecticon hive and planned to slaughter the other Decepticons. But that plan was short-lived, thanks to Soundwave opening a space bridge in front of her and the hoard: teleporting them en-masse to one of Cybertron's moons. But apparently she didn't come out of her fight with Zombie Silas unscathed: Airachnid was infected and it appears that she can switch between her normal state and infected state potentially due to the fact that she wasn't completely drained of energon unlike the countless amount of Vehicons that were infected. Since she isn't fully infected she only has a ever lasting hunger for energon which the poor insecticon warriors are forced to end their lives to please their queen. Thirst Her fate is unknown, but it is also unknown if she had drawn more insecticon hives in to feed on their energon. But considering that two insecticons were seen in RID it is possible that she was killed by either the autobots or a insecticon that rebelled.

Personality & Traits[]

A sadist in the purest sense of the word, Airachnid takes sick and twisted pleasure and enjoyment out of inflicting pain upon others; whether it's physical, mental, or emotional. Having studied and practiced the arts of torture to horrifying degrees, she is able to measure one's strength of will by how much they resist the agony she inflicts upon them.

A 'con of sport, Airachnid enjoys hunting (mostly sentient beings), as well as collecting endangered species (and if they're not endangered, she'll make it so). She likes to toy with her victims, prolonging their suffering for as long as possible. A vengeful and conspiring woman, Airachnid will always settle scores, as she tried to against Jack when she attempted to kill his mother in front of him. Making him watch while she takes his family apart "the sweetest revenge [she] can possibly devise", as retaliation for Jack destroying her ship.

Airachnid is extremely ambitious. She attempted to seize leadership of the Decepticons while Megatron was pre-occupied with Unicron's reawakening, only to be stopped by Soundwave. She once again attempted to usurp Megatron upon being freed from imprisonment, only to be thwarted yet again by Soundwave.


  • Airachnid (Deluxe, 2012)

Sadly, it doesn't have a spider mode. This Airachnid transforms into a helicopter with three blades. The toy seems to have little resemblance to the show counterpart because of the omitting of the spider mode. The figure received extremely negative reviews from fans, who criticized the robot mode, lack of proper spider mode, and many other small details.

  • Airachnid (Transformers: Prime "Beast Hunters" Legion Class)

accessories = Nova Stinger Bow

This Legion class model transformers into a helicopter just as the deluxe class model does, also with little resemblance to the TV character.


  • Airachnid is the first Transformer with a beast mode in Prime.
  • Airachnid has multiple modes: humanoid mode, "beast" mode, drill mode, and helicopter mode.
    • It is later revealed that her "drill mode" consists of her in her beast mode with her legs formed around her in a diamond shape. She burrows through the ground by spinning rapidly.
  • Airachnid's ship is very Predator-esque, with the heads of aliens in tanks and all.
  • She shares several aspect with Lockdown from the Transformers Animated cartoon. Both of them are obsessed with hunting and poaching down their own kind as trophies, possibly a reference to the novel The Most Dangerous Game. Both of them have no interest in serving Megatron or the other Decepticons, preferring to do their hobbies solo.
  • When Airachnid froze Optimus and Bulkhead with the Immobilizer, she asked Bumblebee if he thinks Megatron will enjoy the trophies. Airachnid originally said in "Metal Attraction" that she only steals things for herself, which would mean Airachnid would choose to immobilize Megatron, not please him.
  • Just as Breakdown is Bulkhead's rival, Airachnid is Arcee's.
  • Airachnid made mention of Breakdown's capture and their past acquaintance, while striking her deal with M.E.C.H. The voice actors for Airachnid and Breakdown (Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin respectively) previously worked together on the television series Firefly and the movie Serenity.
  • Her name, spelled with an additional i, is almost certainly a reference to her later choice of altmode.
  • Her drill mode is very similar in appearance to the Aparoid Moth boss of Nintendo's Star Fox series. Her headpiece also bears a striking resemblance to the infamous Disney villain, Maleficent.
  • Despite scanning Agent Fowler's helicopter, her alternate mode has little to no resemblance to that helicopter model being far more angular than Fowler's and having a complete absence of landing gear, likely because of her smaller size compared to other Transformers.
  • Airachnid and Knock Out are the only two main Decepticons who currently have no appearance in the War for Cybertron video game and its sequel "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron".
  • Her vehicle mode looks to be based on a Comanche RAH-66
  • In "Crossfire", Airachnid explains that she and the Insecticons are related. She provides this as an explanation to how she is able to control the Insecticons, including Hardshell, despite them normally being loyal to Megatron.