Airachnid's specimens are the collected examples of species Airachnid has endangered, and stored aboard her ship.



Arcee entered the ship and saw Airachnid's collection. She fled in horror, realizing it could only be her old tormentor's work. During their confrontation, Airachnid explained she had left the Decepticons to pursue her hobby. Jack destroyed the ship and the alien remains on board when he lit some leaked energon. 


  • In the Japanese version of "Predatory", the nature of what Airachnid refers to as her "collection" was substantially altered. The images of the alien monsters were removed and, to fit Airachnid's modified Japanese interpretation, her collection was said to consist of the heads of "cute boys". She falls in love with Jack at first sight and becomes intent on collecting him, though her pursuit is presented as being more romantic than sadistic (Airachnid seems more interested in seducing the young boy than killing him, even proposing marriage after catching him). 
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