The Air Strike Patrol is a team of Decepticon Micromasters from the Generation One continuity family.

Among of the first Decepticon Micromasters, the Air Strike Patrol have much in with the larger brethren the Seekers, the majority of the team taking after one in particular, the treacherous Starscream. Constantly fighting amongst themselves to claim credit for their successes and blame their others for their failures, the junior members actively seek to usurp team leader Whisper's leadership and are about as successful as the Decepticon Air Commander in that regard.

The Air Strike Patrol consists of


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

When the Race Car Patrol entered the headquarters of Thunderwing on Cybertron to rescue their captured Battle Patrol comrades to keep the Micromaster process out of Decepticon hands, they discovered the incomplete bodies of the Sports Car Patrol before running into the completed Air Strike Patrol. Roadhandler was able to trick these newest Decepticon warriors into fleeing with the aid of the deactivated bomb intended to destroy the Battle Patrol. A Small War!

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When Roadhandler became an overnight wrestling sensation on Earth, Scorponok requested new warriors from Cybertron to counter the Autobot Micromasters' building public adulation. The Micromaster Air Strike Patrol subsequently arrived, donated by a Decepticon on Cybertron with an unknown, mysterious identity. While Storm Cloud challenged Roadhandler in the ring, the other members of the patrol swept the skies outside, keeping Roadhandler's fan club from entering. The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship!

Unknown to Scorponok, the patrol's secret employer was Megatron, who then sent the team on a mission to MacDill Air Force Base, capturing the B-204 refueling plane. When the Autobots inevitably arrived, the team contacted Scorponok to tell him that they were under attack. Back From the Dead After a brief confrontation with Optimus Prime and the arrival of Scorponok's Decepticons, the Air Strike Patrol fled, their mission completed. The Resurrection Gambit!

Whisper turned private assassin and was given an open contract on all Autobot generals, with his patrolmates giving him support. They fought the Rescue Patrol, who were hunting Whisper, in an Earthen forest; Optimus Prime called the Rescue Patrol back to prevent damage to the environment, allowing the Decepticons to escape. The Greatest Gift Of All!

A news team followed them across the southern United States, where finally the group descended on an oil refinery. When they attacked, the human civilians were defended by Hector Dialonzo, a human with extraordinary powers. While on film, the Air Strike Patrol met their apparent demise at Hector's hands. The Human Factor!

Marvel UK future timelines

In an alternate timeline where Unicron didn't find Cybertron until 2006, the Air Strike Patrol took Megatron's side in a Decepticon Civil War against factions led by Scorponok and Shockwave in the year 1991. Near the end of that war, the Patrol chased Scorponok, alone, into a human settlement. Scorponok maneuvered a team of Autobots into combatting the Patrol for him, enabling him to escape. Aspects of Evil!


Generation One

  • Air Strike Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
All four members of the Air Strike Patrol came packaged on a single card, as part of the first year of Micromasters assortments.
This mold-set was used --without alteration-- to make the Japanese Autobot Jet Patrol Team.

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