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This article is about the Binaltech Asterisk policewoman. For the Robots in Disguise computer, see T-AI.
Ai Kuruma is a human from the Binaltech Asterisk portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Ooh! My little pretty one! Pretty one! When ya gonna gimme some Aiiii Kurumaaa! (Note: The writer of this comment was arrested and is currently suffering from police brutality.)

Ai Kuruma (来留間アイ, Kuruma Ai) has aspirations of being a highly decorated policewoman. She's fairly sharp, knows her laws, and is a very good driver (if a little wild), able to keep pursuit of getaway cars even in a normal police cruiser. However, her natural over-eager (albeit good-natured and helpful) nature seems to get in the way of her duties from time to time. She's a decent athlete and dedicated to helping others.

She is partnered with the Autobot Red Alert, and is in fact the only person on the police force who knows about Red Alert's existence, despite Red's precautions. Red's by-the-books nature grates against Ai's ambition, but despite all this, the two work together surprisingly well. Red has even loosened up enough to allow Ai complete control when driving, rather than subtly controlling himself as he did with past police officers.

Ai keeps her lunchbox hidden in a teddy bear. Really.


Binaltech Asterisk instructions mini-story

Ai and Red Alert were in pursuit of a speeding criminal. Ai's forceful driving brought a few complaints from Red, but she managed to corner the car. As she stepped out to apprehend the suspect, a shot rang out, and Red Alert quickly transformed, blocking the shot...

Binaltech Asterisk online manga


Big scary bot-man will eat me!

After shooing the kitty-cat Cha off Red Alert's hood, Ai received a call about a little boy who'd gotten lost on his way to the market. Ai (dreaming of a commendation for finding the boy) followed the sound of crying, only to find it was Cha again, up in a tree. She climbed up the tree to rescue it, but fell from the high branches... but Red Alert caught her and the cat in time.

The cat scampered off, and the pair followed him...and ran across the lost little boy. But then, Cha stole a fish from the boy's grocery bag. Alert set his detector from "little boy" to "fish", and the two gave chase...


Binaltech Asterisk

  • Alert meets Ai (Binaltech Asterisk, 2005)
Japanese ID number: BTA-01
Ai is a soft-plastic PVC figurine of a human woman in a Japanese policewoman uniform. She has an extra set of arms and a "seated" lower body so she can be placed in the drivers' seat of her partner Red Alert's vehicle mold. It is unknown how well she fits into the driver's seats of other Alternators. She was only available as part of the first Binaltech Asterisk set.


  • Like all of the Asterisk girls, Ai is modeled after a character from a previous series; in this instance, Ai's inspiration is the Robots in Disguise character T-AI.
  • Her last name rhymes with the word for "car" (kuruma, 車) in Japanese. My, isn't that clever?

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