Agoraptor is a Decepticon in the AllSpark Wars game portion of the movie continuity family.
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He'll cut his own legs off for the cause. Now that's a fanatic.

Agoraptor is a mean, nasty fanatic who will do anything for his cause. Though his lack of any special charisma, military prowess, or ability to instill loyalty would normally bar him from Decepticon leadership- he believes his mandate confers the position onto him.

Expects the same fanatical devotion from his followers that his mission inspires in himself—but guards knowledge of that mission jealously, issuing orders to his troops in the form of cryptic (and odious) poetry that only the worthy will be able to decipher. Imagines that sole knowledge of this grand design makes him indispensable.

Agoraptor's origins are obscure. He and the Autobot Agoracer both speak a Cybertronian dialect the Earthbound Autobots and Decepticons do not, and both share a design flaw that caused their scanners to melt when entering Earth's atmosphere. Little else is known beyond the obvious- that Agoracer pursued him to Earth, intent on stopping him.

Agoraptor had particular difficulty picking up the English language, and even after his language decoder caught up was prone to chronic misspellings. Homonyms such as "you're" and "your" give him particular trouble.

Though he commands enough hidden knowledge and resources to unite the Decepticon forces under him, Agoraptor is continually frustrated by his inability to command their loyalty.

"Do not question what you do not know."
―Agoraptor[[October 25, 2007, "The Rise"| [src]]]


AllSpark Wars "mini-ARG"

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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  • While the character of Agoraptor (appearing as part of a video game, however tangentially) is undeniably official, the character art (pictured above) is not; all copyrights on the winning Design Contest entries were retained by the artists. Yet the ARG's storyline also included a mention that Agoraptor had adopted this form. So he officially has a character design which Hasbro does not own. Normally, that sort of thing would be undesirable from a legal standpoint, but the game with which Agoraptor is associated features Transformers scanning new vehicle modes like humans change clothes, so it's mostly a non-issue.
  • Agoraptor's name, like that of his Autobot counterpart, Agoracer, is a reference to Agora Games, the company which managed the Allspark Wars community.

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