The Age of Wrath was a period in Cybertronian history following the Great Cataclysm but preceding the Golden Age. It is most notable for the Quintesson occupation of Cybertron.


The Covenant of Primus

The Quintessons arrived on Cybertron in their spacecraft and announced themselves as benevolent benefactors. Among their efforts to convince the Cybertronians of their noble intentions was their "gift" of the Transformation Cog, which in reality had always been possessed by the inhabitants of Cybertron but been undiscovered until that time. The Quintessons soon ruled over the planet as tyrants, imposing the Caste system and attempting to force rebellious Cybertronians to conform, such as the one who would eventually be called Megatron. However, this future Decepticon and other Cybertronians-including Alpha Trion, Sentinel Prime, and Elita One-rose up against their oppressors, and soon revealed that the Quintessons had been lying to them. The Age of Wrath ended with the Quintessons' forced ejection from Cybertron, an event that they never forgot or forgave.

Background Information

  • The Age of Wrath is based on events from the Generation 1 series, in which the Quintessons created the Cybertronians and treated them as slaves. The most notable departure in the Aligned Continuity Story order from that of Generation 1 is that the Quintessons masquerade as the creators of the Cybertronians rather than truly being responsible for their existence. Instead, the Transformers were created by Primus, who was also indirectly responsible for the creation of the Quintessons due to creating their originator, Quintus Prime.
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