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The name or term Afterburner refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Afterburner (disambiguation).

Afterburner is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Our job: spray talc on that man's butt!

The tech master of the Skyscorchers, Afterburner likes to think he's above brute force, preferring to use clever tricks and technology to achieve his goals on his own time. While he is clever and quick-thinking at times, he's also lazy and very independent, which often gets him into trouble with his superiors.

European name: Snipe


Generation 2

  • Afterburner (Skyscorcher, 1993/1994)
Afterburner transforms into a Lockheed F104G “Starfighter” jet. His undercarriage radar becomes a hand-held non-firing blaster weapon for robot mode.
He was originally sold in the European market in 1993 (under the name Snipe) as part of the "transitional" line that used the Generation 2 faction symbols, but lacked the new subline name. He was later released in the US, with no notable changes, as part of the Generation 2 line. He was then later re-released in the European version of Generation 2 in 1994.



RADAR and POOPIE SUIT together at last.

Afterburner's mold was one of several intended to be used in the post-G2 Takara Block Town line, as an Autobot. To be redecoed in light blue with black, he was to come with the TFBT-1 Radar Set, a building-block radar tower that could be rebuilt into a battle station of some form. This set ultimately never came to release.

In 2005, a supposed Takara "release" schedule listed the Block Town sets among several other future items coming out. Only the Galaxy Force items on that list saw release, however (and some only as store exclusives to boot).

Since very little information exists on the line's more fictional aspects, it is unknown if this toy was to be the same general character Afterburner, or a new character altogether, thought the whole "Autobot" thing leans heavily towards "new".


Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.



Gray pride.

  • Afterburner's card-art, and the early toy shown in the original product flier, show him to have gray legs rather than the final version's blue.
  • His card art also has a Generation One style Decepticon faction symbol hidden in his cockpit.
  • For some reason, Afterburner is the only Skyscorcher not to appear in the Generation 2 UK comic in any capacity. He's not even in the toy-lists!

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