"Optimus Prime. Will you accept the power surge I can provide?"
―Aerobolt to Optimus before merging

Aerobolt is an eagle-like Mini-Con, who works with a new Decepticon team, like Buzzstrike and Sawtooth.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 2 1/2

As revealed by Starscream in Mini-Con Madness, Aerobolt and his fellow Mini-Cons were captured by the Decepticons in their youth and experimented on. Given the ability to combine with their larger brethren, the Mini-Cons were stored in a laboratory in Darkmount until Starscream stumbled on them. They managed to escape Starscream and fell in with some scavengers so they could escape Cybertron, only to find their new hosts were heading for Earth. They set about trying to work out a way to abandon the scavengers and leave the planet.

In Strongarm´s Big Score, when Scatterspike returned from a mission empty-handed and blaming Sawtooth, Aerobolt took the Mini-Con aside for a personal report. Though Sawtooth thought they should trust the Autobots, Aerobolt thought otherwise.

In Mighty Big Trouble, the Mini-Cons accompanied the scavengers to an automated ship to find a relic, and Aerobolt pointedly refused to power up Clawtrap. After the scavengers managed to retrieve the Dark Star Saber, Aerobolt and his companions stole their sub-orbital craft. Detecting a power source capable of getting them offplanet, they invaded the scrapyard looking for it, only to be told it had already been destroyed.

In Mini-Con Madness, eventually their craft ran out of fuel, which they also ran into the Autobots again. Aerobolt recognized Optimus Prime and finally realized the Autobots could be trusted, though his first attempt to link with Optimus was unsuccessful as he concluded that trust must be earned not merely spoken. During an ensuing fight with the scavengers, Aerobolt and his companions were snatched up by Starscream.

In Worthy, Starscream attempted to merge with the Mini-Cons, only for it to fail because Tricerashot was missing. He was eventually able to obtain the last Mini-Con and merge with them all, however Fixit was able to activate a signal and separate Aerobolt. Aerobolt found Optimus and linked with him, providing the Autobot leader with a powerup that let him go up against the super-powered Starscream. Following the successful defeat of Starscream, Aerobolt and his fellow Mini-Cons left Earth on the sub-orbital craft, now modified by Fixit for space travel.


  • It is rather ironic that Aerobolt is voiced by Steve Blum who also voices Starscream as he made an official appearance in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.
  • Aerobolt seems to have similar traits with Optimus Prime. They are both leaders for their subgroup of Autobots, they are both fearless in the face of their foes, and they both care for the members of their subgroups.


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