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Aero Raid is an Autobot in the Generation 2 continuity family.

The Autobot Cyberjet known as Aero Raid was once a member of the Decepticon Cyberjet team. However, centuries of war began to change his opinion on right and wrong, so along with fellow Cyberjets Jetfire and Strafe, he switched sides. This betrayal of the Decepticon faction has earned him the undying scorn of the remaining Decepticon Cyberjets.


Japanese G2 story pages and minicomics

While infiltrating a Decepticon base, Road Rocket was spotted by Road Pig and his troops. Road Pig cornered Road Rocket in a dead end hallway with the Autobot greatly out-numbered. Suddenly, Aero Raid burst out of a vent shaft, offering back-up to his comrade. Road Rocket, being the stoic that he is, was less than grateful.

Dreamwave comics continuity


Right there, under Shouki's armpit. Next to Rapido. What? Yes, of course this is worth mentioning. Why do you ask?

Aero Raid is part of the crowd at one of Prowl's many longwinded speeches. Skyfire

Note: With Air Raid being deactivated on Earth, and Skyjack having deco that's not present here, one can only assume that it's Aero Raid. Or one can be reasonable enough to write it off as a random error. That's no fun.


Generation 2

  • Aero Raid (Cyberjet, 1995)
Japanese ID number: TRF-14
Aero Raid was a redeco of the Cyberjet Skyjack, transforming into an F-117A Nighthawk with a dark camouflage paint scheme. He features a pressure-launch missile launcher that becomes his right arm in robot mode.
The toy is identical to Generation 2 Air Raid, and was later redecoed as Universe Air Raid and Robot Masters Delta Seeker.

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