Aero-Bot is a character in the Go-Bots continuity.
Aerobot shouting

"Because I'm in command of this outfit, THAT'S why!"

Aero-Bot was chosen as the "very best", the strong and capable leader of the Go-Bots team. An intelligent and effective leader, he is also highly adaptable and can take on a number of different forms, including various jets and cars, a helicopter, and even a speedboat!




Voice actor: Paul Dobson

Aero-Bot was chosen by the Go-Bot Council as "the best" to lead Earth's Go-Bot Team on their mission to help Earth.

Aero-Bot led every Go-Mission known. First, while rescuing humans from a typhoonicane (or something), he took the wild Silver-Bot's flying challenge, on the condition that should Silver-Bot lose, he leaves Earth. The challenge involved racing to the roof of the Island Pearl Resort and taking the giant pearl on the decorative clamshell, then racing back to... some indeterminate point over the ocean. Aero-Bot got the pearl first, but then threw it into the water to create a wave to snuff out a fire that was blocking Speed-Bot's bus-rescue efforts. Silver-Bot took this chance to take the oddly-buoyant pearl, but he got caught in the typhoon he accidentally caused! Ha-ha! Aero-Bot and Speed-Bot defied physics to dissipate the wind funnel and save Silver-Bot, who was immediately very grateful and returned to Botropolis to train hard and be a better Go-Bot. Typhoon Twister

Next, Aero-Bot took Beast-Bot and Speed-Bot (and, unwittingly, Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot) to Alaska to help fix a pipeline that was broken by Mototron's wild ride. Aero-Bot towed a heavy tanker up a mountain (surely not causing any ecological damage at all) so Strong-Bot could attach the gushing pipeline to it, but Mototron broke the chain. Aero-Bot then raced down and stopped the sliding ship, pushing it back uphill to finish the job. After Speed-Bot saved Mototron from a cave-in of his own making, Aero-Bot gave a speech to the immediately very grateful Mototron, who returned to Botropolis to train hard and be a better Go-Bot. He also admonished Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot for tagging along, punishing them with polishing chrome at the Go-Pod. They seemed to like it. Creepy. Arctic Oil Spill

When Reptron started tearing up some generic South American craphole, Aero-Bot took Buzzer-Bot and Beast-Bot with him. He and Buzzer-Bot used the detritus from Reptron's fun to build a dam, diverting the floodwaters Reptron inadvertently caused. The two then helped rebuild a ruin that Reptron and Beast-Bot's race was wrecking (well, that the ruin's own built-in deadly traps were wrecking). Afterwards, when Beast-Bot saved Reptron from a net trap, Aero-Bot gave a speech to the immediately very grateful Reptron, who returned to Botropolis to train hard and be a better Go-Bot. Reptron's Rampage

After receiving the illustrious Go-Shield, Aero-Bot was informed by the reformed Silver-Bot that Botropolis had developed Go-Brillium, which gives Go-Bots vague powers. Unfortunately, the two test subjects, Racer-Bot ALPHA and Racer-Bot BETA, ran off, testing their new powers in a galaxy-wide race ending on Earth. Concerned only with Earth, Aero-Bot and Speed-Bot got their own shot of Go-Brillum from Hauler-Bot. They raced to the desert where the Racer-Bot twins ended up, and Aero-Bot used his new Flying Fists powers and Go-Brillium to save human racers in danger, and then save the Racer-Bots when their Go-Brillium ran out and they ran out over a cliff. Aero-Bot gave a speech to the immediately very grateful Racer-Bots, who returned to Botropolis to train hard and be better Go-Bots. Racer-Bot Road Rally

Online comic

Aerobot comet fists


Reptron, testing out his strength in Earth orbit, knocked a comet towards the planet. Silver-Bot spotted the comet just as it was breaking in two, and Aero-Bot was able to save the world with his Flying Fists!

Glow Rock Rescue Game

Aerobot grr

"I'm gonna beat me up some glowing rocks!"

The Earth was bombarded by Glow Rocks while Aerobot was on a mission to Botropolis. Aerobot had to free his teammates and destroy the meteorites in order to save the Earth.

Aerobot had two modes in this game, a helicopter and a speedboat, that appear in no other media. The helicopter is probably based on an unreleased 'Aerobot Chopper' toy.


Playskool Go-Bots

  • Aerobot (Big Adventures, 2002)
This blue-and-white jet was the first Go-Bots toy to have electronics. It was also the base mold for every Mega-sized Go-Bot toy that would come later, including the various forms of Silver-Bot. It was also slightly redecoed as Michael in Japan.
  • Aero-Bot (Mega Go-Bot, 2002)
When the "Big Adventures" line was renamed "Go-Bots", the original Aerobot toy was re-released in new packaging with a slight name change. The toys themselves are identical.
  • Aero-Bot II (Deluxe Go-Bot, 2002)
The second redeco of the original Speedbot mold, Aero-Bot's second form was a car(?!). It was available individually or in a K-Mart-exclusive 2-pack with Buzzer-Bot. Called Kid in Japan.
  • Aero-Bot (Ultra Jet, 2003)
Aero-Bot's second jet form had some slight color scheme changes, but the biggest change was that the new version came covered in shiny blue chrome.
  • Aero-Bot (Racer, 2003)
The third version of the Speed-Bot II/Mirage-Bot mold. Aero-Bot's fourth form was also his second ground-based form. He also came with Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot.
  • Aero-Bot (Flying Fists, 2004)
This toy was remolded from the original Aerobot toy and featured launching fists. It first appeared in the newer, green-and-orange Go-Bots packaging, only to show up later in the older yellow packaging.
  • Aero-Bot (Toys R Us, 2004)
A TRU-exclusive toy in chrome blue, recolored from the modified Invisibility Force Speed-Bot (that wouldn't see stores until the next year) and shipped with TRU Speed-Bot.


The only Go-Bots toy that was never released in any capacity was the "Ultra Force" version of Aero-Bot. This was to be an Ultra-sized toy that turned into a rescue helicopter with working winch. Seen at the UK Toy Fair and in the personal collection of the Go-Bots creator, Ed Duncan.


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