Template:Infobox combinerThe Aerialbots are the few flight-capable Transformers loyal to the Autobots rather than the Decepticons. Although they're an eccentric group, they provide invaluable air support for their ground-bound comrades. The Aerialbots under Silverbolt's command are capable of combining into Superion.


Transformers: Exodus

The Seekers were generally Decepticon-leaning neutrals following Starscream's lead, until Shockwave bombed Vos. Though a good portion of the main Seeker forces still followed Starscream into the Decepticons, the survivors of the Vos massacre felt betrayed and joined the Autobots instead, becoming the Aerialbots and patrolling Iacon and Kalis. Jetfire was a Decepticon who defected to the Autobots and mostly worked in a laboratory to improve their flight capabilities. He led the Aerialbots to gather every spaceworthy craft to distract Trypticon while the Ark was built. Exodus

Silverbolt was present as part of Prime's command crew after the Ark fled Cybertron through the space bridge. He was, apparently, the only flier present, and his ability was treated as a unique virtue. What happened to all the other Aerialbots that were under his command on Cybertron is unclear...

Transformers: Retribution

By the time that the Ark reached the planet Aquatron, Silverbolt was joined by four of the Aerialbots. When Megatron caught up with the Ark and attacked it, the Aerialbots defended the ship by combining into Superion and taking the fight to Megatron, although they were eventually defeated. When the Autobots and Decepticons were forced to team up against the Quintessons and their Sharkticon troopers, the Aerialbots once again joined the fray by combining; Superion proved crucial in the evacuation effort after the city began to sink. 


Transformers: War for Cybertron 

Silverbolt was made Aerialbot leader despite his fear of heights, which displeased Air Raid. He, Jetfire, and Air Raid were sent to disable a Decepticon space station that was destroying the Autobot ships. They flooded it with coolant and were moments from destroying it, before learning it was very much alive and called Trypticon. They eventually engaged the giant in a freefall battle over Cybertron. After Trypticon survived the fall, the Aerialbots arrived to assist the ground Autobots in battling him, but were swatted aside. Silverbolt's Aerialbot troops were armed with jet machine guns and X12 Scrapmakers in robot mode. However, they lacked armor in jet mode, and could be easily destroyed.



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