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The Aerialbots are an Autobot subgroup from the Universe series.

The Aerialbots are a team of six Micromasters from an undetermined reality/timeline who have been drawn into the Universe war. They can combine to form the super robot Superion.

The team is made up of...



The Micromaster Aerialbots are redecoes of the Sixwing toys. Sold on individual cards, the six can be combined (with the help of some kibble) to form the super robot Superion. Due to their construction, the individuals can be swapped around to some degree with the other Universe Micromaster combiner teams.
Though the Aerialbots were apparently originally slated as Kay-Bee stores exclusives, they barely showed up in the ever-shrinking chain. They saw more general release in Europe, and in the States, finally began showing up in other chains like CVS drug stores and Big Lots!.


In Europe, the Aerialbots were released under the Cybertron brand instead, with different packaging and instructions.
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