This article is about the Unicron-allied Mini-Cons. For the turned-to-evil version of the Star Saber Mini-Cons, see Air Defense Team (Armada).


They'll "Jetstream Attack" your ass.

The Aerial Extermination Mini-Con Team are servants of the chaos-bringer Unicron, who can combine to form the Vorpal Saber, a twisted, evil, but less powerful copy of the legendary Star Saber sword. They obey Nemesis Prime, accompanying him on his planet-destroying missions.

The Aerial Extermination Mini-Con Team is composed of...

  • Jackknife the Boeing Sonic Cruiser jet and sword-tip.
  • Maverick the concept-shuttle and sword-hilt.
  • Skull Buster the Concord jet and middle of the sword-blade.

Japanese name: Air Assault Micron (renamed via Fan Club bio)



  • Air Assault Micron (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-17
The Takara Air Assault Team is almost identical to the Hasbro versions of the team of the same name, being a redeco of the Air Defense Team. The three aircraft of the team combine to form the Vorpal Saber/Dark Saber sword, which can be held by any figure that uses 5mm peg-holes for accessories. However, the Takara version uses clear plastic with just a hint of purple to it in place of the Hasbro versions' opaque off-white.

  • Rampage with Hawk and Air Defense Dark Saber Micron
Japanese ID number: MS-08
This team was also available in a multi-pack with Wheeljack.
These molds were later retooled to make the Energon Saber, Blizzard Saber, and the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team.
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