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Slingshot and Skydive go undercover to discover who is responsible for the theft of planes in the Middle East.

Aerial Assault (Japanese title: "Charge, Aerialbots") is the forty-second episode of the second season of The Transformers and is the fifty-eighth episode of The Transformers series overall. It is overall the fifty-eighth episode the G1-Era of Transformers.

Detailed synopsis[]


Hey, look, no arms!

In an unnamed Middle Eastern country, the Aerialbots are searching for clues to a group that is stealing planes. After flying over a bazaar (in which is a hauntingly familiar jeep being driven by a suspicious man loading equipment), the Aerialbots receive a distress call. Heading into a nearby canyon, they are attacked by the Combaticons and Dirge, and Slingshot ends up being buried within a cave by Blast Off. However, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ratchet, and Hoist arrive and drive off the Decepticons. After unearthing Slingshot, the Autobots return to a nearby air base for repairs. Slingshot is fixed, but his weapons systems have been damaged, and he needs a new console from the base. Skydive gets the idea to let himself serve as bait, which Silverbolt, in his infinite wisdom, believes is a good idea, and Slingshot decides to join as well. As night comes, the two Aerialbots are soon stolen by the plane-nappers, but they are disassembled and their radio transmitters are disabled.

Transporting their ill-gotten planes in laundry trucks, the plane-nappers manage to get past security, but are followed by a young boy named Hassan. Getting into the truck carrying the Aerialbots' nose cones, he meets up with them and identifies the man heading this operation as Ali. As it turns out, Ali has deposed Prince Jumal, the young ruler of the country, and has allied with Megatron to create both plane drones for conquering the oil fields of the Middle East, and a...Giant Purple Griffin that As the convoy reaches the Palace, the Decepticons begin reassembling the planes, but the Aerialbots cause themselves to short-circuit, leaving their parts free to be reassembled. They manage to get everything except Slingshot's chest plate, but Hassan manages to borrow the front grill assembly from a car that Prince Jumal owned.


Onslaught doing some target practice.

As the Decepticons prepare to mobilize, Skydive and Slingshot manage to contact the other Aerialbots, who come to help. Meanwhile, Hassan has slipped aboard the...fortress to steal a new weapons console for Slingshot. As the Aerialbots arrive, Blast Off, Vortex, and Ramjet take control of the drone forces. The Aerialbots are able to dispatch the drones and their commanders, so Onslaught decides to off them himself, only to be stopped by Slingshot. Blast Off orders the Combaticons to transform into Bruticus. Slingshot bravely tries to prevent the merge, as Fireflight's absence prevents his own team from merging into Superion. Eventually, Bruticus forms after Slingshot is thrown into the head of the now mobile...fortress. Hassan gets a weapon console to Slingshot, frees them, then heads to attack Bruticus. Fireflight finally arrives, and the Aerialbots form Superion and damage the...fortress, causing it to crash into an oil field. Superion separates into his Aerialbot components, causing the diving Bruticus to fall into the oil field. The Aerialbots then set fire to the field, forcing the Decepticons to retreat.

At the palace, the Aerialbots are trying to figure out what to do with Ali and what he did with Prince Jumal, only to discover that Hassan is Prince Jumal. He explains that Slingshot may keep the new chest plate as a gift, as Jumal's hobby is fixing old junk cars. Slingshot feels honored...until he thinks that Jumal is calling him a piece of junk.


Original airdate: ???

Written by: Douglas Booth

Featured charcters[]

Autobots Decepticons Humans
  • Regular
  • Quest

Notable quotes[]


Animation and/or technical glitches[]

Slingshot undercover

Hmm let's see... Autobot symbol... nope, nothing suspicious to see here!

  • When Bruticus punches Skydive, the cel is misdrawn. Now that is one hell of a punch if the artist drawing Skydive felt it.
  • During the final scene, when Slingshot and Prince Jumal are discussing the Rolls Royce grille Slingshot was using as a chest plate, the grille itself can clearly be seen disappearing and reappearing.
  • When Fireflight finally arrives to help the rest of the Aerialbots against Bruticus, he is colored entirely black.
  • Since when do laundry trucks visit aircraft hangars?
  • Blast Off (G1) also doesn't seem to notice the autobot symbol on Slingshots hood whe he Examines him and surely a Decepticon like him would easily recognize the autobot symbol.

Continuity errors[]

Transformers references[]

  • The country in which the action takes place is not named, but it could possibly be Carbomya or a neighbor of it.

Real-world references[]

  • Hassan refers to Slingshot by the honorific "effendi", a Turkish-derived word still used as a title of respect in former territories of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Star Wars sound effects:
    • Death Star firing sound as Onslaught and Brawl take off to retreat.
    • TIE Fighter roar as Ramjet is hit and falls out of the sky.



Megatron really should have listened to Starscream's instinctive declaration that it wouldn't work.

  • This episode is the Aerialbots'(as well as Superion's) first major role.
  • The Giant Purple Griffin has become one of the most mocked creations in Transfandom. Obviously.
  • This is the first episode of The Transformers were the Autobots play a minor role.
  • In this episode, Ed Gilbert takes over the role of Superion from Frank Welker, who voiced him briefly in "The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2", and as such, Superion's voice in this episode is different from The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2.
  • This episode debutes the Combaticons, as well as their combined form Bruticus.
    • Tho despite that however, this is one of many G1 episodes that aired out of sequence. Chronologically, it occurs after "The Revenge of Bruticus", as well as "War Dawn" (the next episode), because the Aerialbots have no problem fighting Decepticons and aren't jerks towards humans.


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