Adam Reynolds is a human in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Adam Reynolds is a computer hacker, of the 1986 vintage. He lives with his parents in Portland, Oregon and has a black cat named Ulysses.

Adam is adept as guessing computer access codes, and he and his Sinclair have earned quite a reputation among his local computer club.

Adam appears to be a high school student.


Marvel Comics continuity

Adam Reynolds attempted to hack into the Portland National Bank after fellow Computer Club member Tommy Ryde challenged him to find out his bank account balance. On his 26th attempt to do so, Adam mis-dialed his modem, and instead connected to the Decepticon Mainframe Computer. Frustrated at logging into the wrong system, Adam struck his keyboard- and happened to enter the correct access code.

Adam printed out several War-Tapes and datalogs on the Transformer conflict, but when he began asking questions of the mainframe he did not have authorization for, it triggered a security system designed to send 1,000,000 volts through the phone line to kill him.

Adam's cat Ulysses jumped in his lap and cause him to fall over just as the computer exploded, saving his life. The print-out was destroyed. He was left wondering if the Autobots had a computer... In the Beginning...

Two years later Adam located it in Mount St. Hilary. By the time he arrived the Ark had departed, but a huge computer remained. Adam successfully scaled it and learnt many further details about the Autobot-Decepticon war. He was left pondering what he could do next - perhaps become a Headmaster? - and wondered if he could use it to contact the Autobots. The Saga Of The Transformers - So Far!

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